Bed bugs

Mattresses are a common hiding place for bed bugs-Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

When bed bugs infest your home, more often than not the infestation begins in and around your mattress.

Mattresses are the most common sites of bed bug infestation, and due to this preventing and removing bed bugs from your mattress is often a big part of treatment processes.

But why is the mattress so commonly infested? Put shortly, this is because the mattress serves to provide bed bugs with a secluded, dark hiding space that is also in close proximity to a source of blood. This creates the perfect environment for bed bug activity.

But how do bed bugs get onto your mattress to begin with?

 Bed bugs can gain access to your mattress in a variety of ways. Most commonly, bed bugs gain access to your home due to travel or by infesting used bedding, storage, or furniture that is then brought into the home.

You can probably imagine the scenarios in which this could occur. Coming in from a long trip, many people will bring their luggage into their bedroom before unpacking. If even a single bed bug has travelled inside the luggage, it could spread to the mattress. Once an infestation has begun, it is only a matter of time before a substantial population exists in the room.

If bed bugs have infested my mattress, how will I know?

Bed bugs are troublesome pests, and for this reason it is usually fairly easy to tell if they are active in your home. The first sign of their presence is usually the uncomfortable, red bite marks that they leave behind. It is important to note, however, that not everyone will react the same way to these bites. For some people, the bites will not show up for up to two days, and sometimes not at all.

If you start to see bites, you should investigate the mattress to identify other signs of bed bug activity. You can search around the mattress seams, beneath the bedding, and around the frame for signs of live bed bugs. Other common signs of their activity include:

  • Brown fecal stains, usually on the mattress itself
  • Small blood stains dotted on the sheets and linens
  • Cream colored egg shells beneath the mattress

Finding one or more of these signs can give you a good indication that bed bugs are active in your home. If you have identified clear signs of bed bug activity, you should call in a licensed pest control company to inspect your home as soon as possible.

How can I get rid of the bed bugs in my mattress?

 It is important to stress that, when it comes to bed bugs, professional assistance is almost always a requirement. Home remedies against bed bugs are generally ineffective, and most DIY treatment products only take care of a portion of the population.

Any effective bed bug treatment aims for 100% eradication. If any bed bugs are allowed to survive, they will eventually return in the future after rebuilding their population. To achieve the necessary level of treatment, it is usually necessary to employ professional grade pesticide treatments or to use a heat treatment method

Heat treatments can be very effective for mattresses because they are guaranteed to completely eradicate the population by raising the temperature to a point that is fatal to any bed bug.

 Pesticide treatments for bed bugs can also be very effective. The products designed to target bed bugs are complex, and are completely safe to homeowners when used per the instructions of the pest technician.

 Which treatment method is best for your home varies depending on a variety of environmental and situational factors. A skilled pest technician can use information gathered via inspection to formulate a safe, effective treatment plan for your home, and therefore your best option is to consult with your pest control provider.

What steps can I take to prevent future infestation?

When it comes to keeping your mattress bed bug free, the best option is to take preventative measures to avoid the situation to begin with. Homeowners should be cautious to avoid unintentionally bringing bed bugs into the home. To reduce the probability of bed bugs infesting your home, you should remember to: 

  • Inspect all luggage before bringing it into the home
  • Carefully check any used furniture and bedding linens
  • Reduce clutter in your home
  • Regularly clean linens, carpets, and furniture

These steps will help you to avoid inadvertently introducing bed bugs into your home. Homeowners should also schedule with their pest control provider for regular inspections. These inspections can often identify infestations in their early stages, and make the treatment process much simpler.

 If you are a Panama City homeowner in need of treatment solutions for bed bugs or any other pest, Arrow Pest Service is your best option! We have decades of experience serving as a leading pest provider, and this has given us a great deal of insight into how to effectively treat pests. Our treatment options are fast, effective, and affordable, and all of them are covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

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What is a heat treatment for bed bugs?, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

Pest control is a complex, multistep process.

Each type of pest has its own treatment methodology, and the fact is even each individual home and infestation should be approached in its own specific manner to ensure the most effective results.

When it comes to bed bugs, this is even more important. Since bed bugs often infest areas of the home in which traditional pesticide treatment may be unwanted or ineffective, more creative solutions must often be devised. One such treatment option, so called heat treatments, can be very effective if used correctly.

So what are heat treatments? And how can they get rid of bed bugs?

 One of the greatest weaknesses that bed bugs have is their inability to withstand major temperature variations. As such, it is possible to eliminate bed bugs in an area by raising the temperature to a point higher than they can withstand. Typically, this point is somewhere between 115-125 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are different kinds of heat treatments based upon what you are treating, be it a home, luggage, or clothes and linens. We will discuss in a future article the details of each of these treatments, but the general focus of all heat treatments is to eliminate a bed bug infestation without having to resort to using pesticide treatments. This can be useful when dealing with infestations in sensitive areas or within valuable furniture, bags, or clothing.

Heat treatments can be very effective because it ensures that you eradicate all of the bed bugs rather, however it is less practical with larger infestations due to its expense. While heat treatment may very well be the best option for your home, you should make sure that any pest company offering it is one that you trust as it is an expensive investment.

If you are dealing with bed bugs, you need competent, professional assistance from a team with experience. At Arrow Pest Service, we have been battling bed bugs for decades! We have experience and capacity to deal with an infestation in any location and of any degree of severity!

We understand that bed bugs can be a frustrating, stressful problem for homeowners, so we employ industry leading treatment techniques to ensure that your bed bug problem is removed quickly, safely, and effectively!


So if bed bugs or any other pests are giving you trouble, call us today at 850-874-1900!

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How to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

In the past couple of posts on our website, we have discussed how bed bugs can be a destructive pest in your home and we have covered a variety of tips and tricks homeowners can use to identify bed bugs.

But the fact is, preventing bed bugs from entering your home in the first place is a critical part to maintaining a pest free home. So we wanted to answer some of the more common questions about the process by which bed bugs travel between locations and what brings them into your home. So without further ado, here are our top tips for staying bed bug free!

  • Always check new spaces you stay in for bed bugs.

This mostly applies to travel. The most common way people pick up bed bugs is during travel. Oftentimes this occurs when staying in a hotel room, dormitory, or other residential space that has an active bed bug infestation. Bed bugs will often sneak into luggage and hide amongst your clothes or in other dark, secluded spaces, thus making travelers the unwitting transporter of a future infestation.

Due to this risk, it is always a good idea to check over any new room you stay in before unpacking. Most often, you will see signs of bed bug activity in common infestation areas such as around mattress seams, behind headboards, around linens, or on carpets and furniture. You should be looking for the signs of bed bug habitation, the most common sign being small black or brown dots and stains. If you notice these signs in your hotel room, you should notify the staff as soon as possible to prevent the infestation from spreading further.

  • Be cautious with used furniture.

While buying used furniture and decor can be a great part of a sustainable and fiscal lifestyle, homeowners should remember to check these items BEFORE bringing them into your home. Bed bugs can and will infest almost any furniture, and they will often hide quite carefully in small cracks and gaps. Due to this, you should check over any used furniture that you purchase to ensure that it is bed bug free so as to avoid bringing a hidden infestation into your home.

  • On the same note, double check your luggage when returning from travel.

As we stated earlier, human traffic is the primary way that bed bugs gain access to homes. Due to this you should carefully check your luggage after travel to ensure that you have not picked up any bed bugs or other pests along the way.

Bed bugs are a very tenacious pest with a rapid reproductive rate, and this means that even one or two bed bugs can potentially establish a large infestation in your home over time, so it is important to be cautious.

  • Finally, if you are at all concerned about potential bed bug activity in your home, schedule an inspection ASAP.

The fact is, bed bug treatment can be a long, frustrating process, and every day that the infestation is allowed to grow unchecked further compounds the problem. So if you are at all concerned that you could have bed bugs in your home, it is a good idea to have a licensed pest control company inspect your home and ensure that all is well. Not only can this allow you to detect and deal with a bed bug infestation early, it might also reveal the existence of conducive conditions that are allowing pests to thrive in your home.

We here at Arrow Pest Service are proud to be an industry leader in bed bug and other pest solutions for the greater Panama City area! We provide a wide range of safe, targeted treatment options that can deal with pests in your home quickly, efficiently, and completely!

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How to inspect for bed bugs, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

We have spoken at length about how important regular inspections are in the effort to keep your home pest free, but it is not often discussed how particular pests can be identified via inspection.

Bed bugs are an infamous pest, and if they are in your home it is extremely important to identify the evidence of their activity before they are able to establish a large infestation. The truth is, the signs of bed bug activity are very different from those of other pests, and you may need a skilled pest technician to identify evidence of their presence.

So the question is: what signs do pest technicians look for during an inspect, and why are inspections so important?

Because bed bugs grow to less than 5mm in length, they can squeeze into even the smallest cracks and crevices. This can make it difficult to identify signs of their activity. When a technician is inspecting your home, they are looking for signs leftover from bed bug activity rather than just the pests themselves.

Bed bugs often leave behind small brownish-black spots on pillows, mattresses, and linens, and these can help to lead the technician to the source of the infestation. Once they have checked in the more commonly infested spaces, a technician will also look in more unusual areas such as in boxes, around furniture, lamps, children’s toys, and anywhere else that could be harboring pests.

These types of inspections are very important because they allow the technician to gather information with which they can formulate a targeted treatment plan for your home. The location and severity of an infestation can play a large role in how it is dealt with, so you want to make sure that any company you call in is one that is committed to this critical step in treatment.


At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience identifying and treating bed bug infestations! Our technicians are trained professionals, and we start every treatment process with a thorough inspection that allows us to determine the most effective way to tackle your pest problems!


So if you are dealing with bed bugs, don’t wait! Call us today at 850-874-1900!


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Signs of a bed bug infestation , Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

The possible bed bug infestation can be a terrifying prospect for many homeowners and hotels, and rightfully so.

After all, a well established bed bug population in your home can be extremely difficult to remove and result in a great deal of frustration and expense.

The fact is, bed bugs are a rapidly reproducing species, and if left unchecked they can quickly establish a substantial infestation in your home. Beyond this, they will oftentimes hitch a ride with humans or animals as a way to spread to new areas. This can make their spread unpredictable, and even a single bed bug brought home from a trip or on used furniture could potentially create a new infestation.

Due to this, it is essential that any signs of bed bug activity in your home are quickly identified.

So if you are a Florida homeowner, the question are asking is probably this: what are the most common signs of a bed bug infestation in my home?

 Bed bugs are parasites with a preference for human blood. As such, any active infestation must be clustered around an area that can provide a healthy, living host. Due to this, bed bugs are most often found in areas around the home where people might recline or sleep. While beds are the most common areas that are infested, other furniture and linens can also potentially house a bed bug population.

Most of the time, the first sign of bed bug activity noticed by homeowners is the identification of bites. Bed bugs often target areas of skin that are exposed during sleep, so the first areas you check for bites should be the arms, legs, and neck.

While they do not always show a pattern, bed bug bites form reddish bumps that are usually itchy. These bumps often take some time to form, however, and it can sometimes be up to 48 hours before you feel notice the bite.

Beyond the signs of their bites, bed bugs leave behind other signs of their habitation. In areas that they frequent, you will often find small blackish-brown stains as well as excrement. Most of the time, these will be found in dark, secluded spaces. When searching a room for bed bug activity, you should check in the more common infestation spots such as:

  • Beneath the mattress
  • Behind headboards or beneath floorboards
  • Inside loose bedding and pillow cases
  • Around box springs or on bed framing


While these are not the only areas that bed bugs can infest, they will still often have signs of the pest activity even if just from moving to and from feeding.
But the fact is, identifying signs of a bed bug infestation is just the first step, there is another question that needs to be answered:

What should you do if you find signs of bed bug activity in your home?

While there a variety of DIY treatment products that are often marketed for bed bug removal, many of these products are insufficient. This is because they are usually “Kill-On-Contact” products that can only eradicate the bed bugs that pass through treated areas.

 Since the majority of the bed bug population remains secluded, such treatment products are often unable to entirely eradicate an infestation. For this reason, treating bed bugs is a multi-step process often involving multiple applications of treatment over time.

If your home has become infested with bed bugs, your best option is to call in a licensed pest control company to perform an inspection ASAP. The sooner treatment can begin on your home, the more easily the pests can be removed. Since bed bug removal can be a complex task, homeowners will want to ensure that any company they hire is one that they can trust to treat their home completely and carefully!

 We here at Arrow Pest Service have been a leading pest provider for the greater Panama City area for decades! We have dealt with bed bugs in a wide range of situations, and we employ a variety of safe, targeted treatment options to eradicate the pest infestation at the source! All of our treatment comes backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that the treatment of your home is in good hands!

 So don’t let pests roam free in your home another day! Call us at 850-874-1900!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

As we spend time with our loved ones this Christmas season, it is a good time to be able to look back and reminisce on the passing year. It has been a joyful year for us here at Arrow Pest Service. We have had a successful year and have continued to serve our existing customers and we have grown to serve new areas as well.

Our success and wellbeing is in large part due to you, our customer.

Your continued reliance on us as your pest control provider has allowed us to in turn provide for our own families, and for that reason we are very thankful to you. We have always tried to operate with integrity, and we have always wanted those who we serve to feel more like friends and neighbors than just customers. We hope to continue to grow and provide service into the next year and beyond!

 So from our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

We are thankful to you for your business, and we hope that you enjoy days of festive cheer with your family and friends!

And remember, if you need a reliable service to keep your home free of pests (including any humbugs!) you can always call us at 850-874-1900!


Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!




Helpful tips on how to prevent bed bugs-Panama City, FL – Arrow Pest Service

Watch the short video above for some helpful tips on bed bug prevention!

Here’s to YOU living pest free!

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How to avoid bed bugs, Panama City, FL -Arrow Pest Service

If you are like most people, you are probably well aware of the infamous bed bug and the risks that it can pose to your home or to a hotel. Most people are aware and practice the necessary safety tips when staying away from home to make sure that they do not bring bed bugs back home with them. However, hotels and homes are not the only places bed bugs roam. In fact, the threat of bed bug infestation is much more widespread than most people realize.

Recently, a news story emerged about a woman and her family who found bed bugs infesting their seats while on a flight. While this is certainly not a frequent occurrence, the truth is that bed bugs can infest almost any seats, beds, and furniture.

Bed bugs have been found on planes, busses, movie theaters, and a variety of other areas that have a lot of human foot traffic.

Bed bugs thrive in environments that have low light and lots of cracks and gaps to hide within, and with their rapid reproductive rate they can easily infest a new space within just a few days. Due to their secretive nature, it can be quite difficult to spot signs of bed bug activity, especially on a plane where their presence is typically not expected.

Unfortunately, without professional training, you will probably be unable to determine whether or not bed bugs are active when you are on a flight. However, there a few steps you can take to protect yourself. Firstly, you should wear clothing with a lot of skin coverage, as bed bugs cannot bite through most fabrics. If bed bugs do come out to feed, you will immediately recognize them with their distinct flat, oval bodies and reddish-brown coloration.

If you are unlucky enough to find bed bugs on your flight or in your luggage after a flight, it is critical that you notify any airlines or hotels that you stayed with. The truth is, it is entirely possible to carry bed bugs with you for a few days before you are aware of their presence, and most of the time bites from bed bugs do not show up for at least 24 hours. These authorities need to be notified so that they can both warn other passengers and begin the process of removing the bed bugs.

The most important step to staying bed bug free is to avoid bringing the bed bugs into your home.

The best way to do this is to carefully inspect any luggage for signs of bed bug activity before you bring them into your home. While it can be tedious to entirely unpack your luggage outside of your home, it is well worth it to avoid the expense and frustration of treating bed bugs.

While the number of cases of bed bug activity on airlines is fairly low, it is still a risk that frequent travelers should consider. Just taking these few precautions will drastically reduce your chances of dealing with an out of control bed bug infestation.

If you are concerned about potential bed bug activity already in your home, you should call Arrow Pest Service, ASAP.

The fact is, while DIY treatments exist for bed bugs, most of the time these treatments are insufficient to deal with the entire population. Oftentimes, these treatments leave a remnant of the infestation, and in future the bed bugs will return in full force. By calling in a professional pest service, you can ensure that treatment is properly and thoroughly applied.

At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience serving as a leading pest control provider for the Panama City, Florida area. Our team of pest experts have formulated a wide range of treatment options that we custom fit to your specific pest situations. This ensures that we provide you with the safest, fastest treatment possible.

All of these treatments come backed up by our customer satisfaction guarantee, and are available at prices that fit your budget!

So if you are dealing with bed bugs, call us today at 850-874-1900!


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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Get Rid of Bed Bugs FAST!

Here at Arrow Pest Service we get a ton of calls every day about Bed Bugs.

Some of the most common questions we get about Bed Bugs are:

  1. What do Bed Bugs look like?
  2. How do we get rid of Bed Bugs?
  3. How long does it take to KILL Bed Bugs?

Watch the video below and you will see exactly what Bed Bugs are and how we get rid of them FAST!


So if you need help with bed bugs, or simply have a question, call us today at 850-874-1900!

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KILL Bed Bugs with Heat FAST!