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If you are a homeowner interested in caring for your lawn or garden, you are probably aware that there are many threats that can impact the health of your plants. One of the most destructive pests that homeowners sometimes deal with during the spring and summer months is the Japanese beetle.


Japanese beetles are an invasive species.

As their name might suggest, they are believed to have originated from Japan, migrating to the US in the early 20th century. Since their arrival, they have thrived in North America due to the abundance of plants that they are able to feed upon.

Japanese beetles can be identified by their bronze colored wings and metallic, green bodies. They are often found swarming around plants beginning around May, when the warm weather causes them to emerge from the ground. Once they have emerged, the females of the species will begin to lay eggs, laying around 50 throughout their lifetime. These eggs will quickly hatch, and the larvae will remain beneath the ground, feeding and growing, until the emerge as adults the next summer.

While they bear a resemblance to the harmless June bug, the Japanese beetle is extremely destructive. The beetle feeds on over 300 different types of plants, and will often leave behind only the “skeleton” of leaves that they consume. Though they normally die off during the summer, the warm weather in Florida can allow the beetles to remain active for much longer than normal, which increases their destructive capacity.

If you are seeing signs of Japanese beetles or the damage from their feeding, the best solution is rapid treatment to protect your plants. Treatment for Japanese beetles is a multi-step process, as the adult beetles as well as the subterranean larvae must both be targeted. For more severe infestations, homeowners should consider calling in a licensed pest control service to deal with the problem.

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