Don’t let ants ruin your summer activities, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

Ants in your home or outdoor eating areas can be a major nuisance.

With spring bringing warmth once again, many families here in Florida will be enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. These activities, however, can be ruined by the presence of scavenging ant pests.

Worse still, if these pests get into your home, they can establish a tenacious infestation. Oftentimes, when you find small ants moving throughout your home, the guilty party is the sugar ant.

Sugar ants are a species of small scavenger ants. Growing to around 15mm, sugar ant workers can be identified by their distinct orange body coloration and dark band on the rear of their bodies.

Unlike destructive ant species such as carpenter ants, sugar ants cannot directly harm your home. Instead, they often enter the home as accidental invaders, seeking a food or moisture source. Your home can provide a variety of food resources, from stored dried foods to small spills and crumbs.

Sugar ants will make a nuisance of themselves by spreading throughout your kitchens, dining rooms, and outdoor eating areas. Once they have found a food resource, it can be difficult to deter them from coming back over and over.

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