Wasps and hornet activity in the summertime, Panama City, FL – Arrow Pest Service

As the hottest months of summer arrive, pests remain active and thriving here in Florida.

One common pest that homeowners will often deal with during this time are wasps.

There are thousands of different species of wasps, however, and determining which type of wasp is active around your home is an important part of treatment.

Homeowners will often call us after having spotted a few wasps around their property. It is important to note that one or two wasps are not a problem homeowners should be concerned about. In fact, in small numbers, some wasps can be beneficial. They can act as pollinators and help to control the populations of other, more destructive pests.

However, wasps can become a problematic pest when they choose to form nests near to your home. You will often spot nests of wasp species such as the paper wasp on the gables and siding of the house. Their nests will resemble a hanging chandelier, and can become very difficult to remove if they grow too large. A small nest might contain a few wasps, and is relatively easy to remove. However, a larger nest could contain more than a hundred wasps, and this can be dangerous to interact with. For this reason, it is best to deal with a nest as soon as you identify it, as allowing it to grow could create an even larger problem.

On the other hand, if you spot a nest that is shaped similarly to a pot, it is possible that you are dealing with hornets. Hornets are more social than most other wasps, and they can build nests that contain hundreds of members. Hornets are also typically more aggressive in defending their nests, which makes it dangerous to interact with a hornet nest without proper precaution.

If you have located a large nest around your home, it is often best to call Arrow Pest Service to deal with the problem. Hornets and other wasps are very aggressive, and they will often sting a target more than once if it comes too close to their nest. It is therefore usually best to let a professional technician treat the colony.


At Arrow Pest Service we have decades of experience treating pests of all kinds. Our technicians are highly trained, and we begin every treatment with a thorough inspection. This helps us to formulate a safe, targeted treatment plan to deal with your pest problems once and for all!


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