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What is a heat treatment for bed bugs?, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

Pest control is a complex, multistep process.

Each type of pest has its own treatment methodology, and the fact is even each individual home and infestation should be approached in its own specific manner to ensure the most effective results.

When it comes to bed bugs, this is even more important. Since bed bugs often infest areas of the home in which traditional pesticide treatment may be unwanted or ineffective, more creative solutions must often be devised. One such treatment option, so called heat treatments, can be very effective if used correctly.

So what are heat treatments? And how can they get rid of bed bugs?

 One of the greatest weaknesses that bed bugs have is their inability to withstand major temperature variations. As such, it is possible to eliminate bed bugs in an area by raising the temperature to a point higher than they can withstand. Typically, this point is somewhere between 115-125 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are different kinds of heat treatments based upon what you are treating, be it a home, luggage, or clothes and linens. We will discuss in a future article the details of each of these treatments, but the general focus of all heat treatments is to eliminate a bed bug infestation without having to resort to using pesticide treatments. This can be useful when dealing with infestations in sensitive areas or within valuable furniture, bags, or clothing.

Heat treatments can be very effective because it ensures that you eradicate all of the bed bugs rather, however it is less practical with larger infestations due to its expense. While heat treatment may very well be the best option for your home, you should make sure that any pest company offering it is one that you trust as it is an expensive investment.

If you are dealing with bed bugs, you need competent, professional assistance from a team with experience. At Arrow Pest Service, we have been battling bed bugs for decades! We have experience and capacity to deal with an infestation in any location and of any degree of severity!

We understand that bed bugs can be a frustrating, stressful problem for homeowners, so we employ industry leading treatment techniques to ensure that your bed bug problem is removed quickly, safely, and effectively!


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How to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

In the past couple of posts on our website, we have discussed how bed bugs can be a destructive pest in your home and we have covered a variety of tips and tricks homeowners can use to identify bed bugs.

But the fact is, preventing bed bugs from entering your home in the first place is a critical part to maintaining a pest free home. So we wanted to answer some of the more common questions about the process by which bed bugs travel between locations and what brings them into your home. So without further ado, here are our top tips for staying bed bug free!

  • Always check new spaces you stay in for bed bugs.

This mostly applies to travel. The most common way people pick up bed bugs is during travel. Oftentimes this occurs when staying in a hotel room, dormitory, or other residential space that has an active bed bug infestation. Bed bugs will often sneak into luggage and hide amongst your clothes or in other dark, secluded spaces, thus making travelers the unwitting transporter of a future infestation.

Due to this risk, it is always a good idea to check over any new room you stay in before unpacking. Most often, you will see signs of bed bug activity in common infestation areas such as around mattress seams, behind headboards, around linens, or on carpets and furniture. You should be looking for the signs of bed bug habitation, the most common sign being small black or brown dots and stains. If you notice these signs in your hotel room, you should notify the staff as soon as possible to prevent the infestation from spreading further.

  • Be cautious with used furniture.

While buying used furniture and decor can be a great part of a sustainable and fiscal lifestyle, homeowners should remember to check these items BEFORE bringing them into your home. Bed bugs can and will infest almost any furniture, and they will often hide quite carefully in small cracks and gaps. Due to this, you should check over any used furniture that you purchase to ensure that it is bed bug free so as to avoid bringing a hidden infestation into your home.

  • On the same note, double check your luggage when returning from travel.

As we stated earlier, human traffic is the primary way that bed bugs gain access to homes. Due to this you should carefully check your luggage after travel to ensure that you have not picked up any bed bugs or other pests along the way.

Bed bugs are a very tenacious pest with a rapid reproductive rate, and this means that even one or two bed bugs can potentially establish a large infestation in your home over time, so it is important to be cautious.

  • Finally, if you are at all concerned about potential bed bug activity in your home, schedule an inspection ASAP.

The fact is, bed bug treatment can be a long, frustrating process, and every day that the infestation is allowed to grow unchecked further compounds the problem. So if you are at all concerned that you could have bed bugs in your home, it is a good idea to have a licensed pest control company inspect your home and ensure that all is well. Not only can this allow you to detect and deal with a bed bug infestation early, it might also reveal the existence of conducive conditions that are allowing pests to thrive in your home.

We here at Arrow Pest Service are proud to be an industry leader in bed bug and other pest solutions for the greater Panama City area! We provide a wide range of safe, targeted treatment options that can deal with pests in your home quickly, efficiently, and completely!

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