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It is fairly well known that pests will often flee into homes to escape adverse environmental conditions.

However these cases are usually during the fall and winter, when cold temperatures bring many insects and wildlife into homes. What many homeowners are unaware of, however, is that unusually high temperatures as well as low moisture levels in a region can bring a variety of pests into your home that might otherwise have remained far away. One such pest is the camel cricket.

Camel crickets are a variety of wingless crickets that grow to a little less than 2 inches in length. They are usually brown in color, and are most commonly found in cool, damp, and dark environments. It is due to this environmental preference that are often called cave crickets. Cave crickets are very reclusive, and will typically not be seen unless they are disturbed.

So why should homeowners be concerned about them?

In some cases, warm temperatures will make the climate unlivable for camel crickets. Due to this, they will seek out new shelter, and will sometimes make their way into crawlspaces, ventilation shafts, and basements. While is it unlikely that they will remain in the home for an extended period of time, it is possible that the crickets will reproduce and infest the home. Because camel crickets can go an unusually long period of time without eating, it is possible for them to remain hidden in your home without you being aware of the scale of the infestation.

These crickets can in some cases cause damage to linens, but even if they are not personally destructive, other pests that prey on the crickets such as spiders and scorpions can sometimes follow the crickets into the home.

If you are seeing signs of cricket activity, it is important that you remove any possible points of entry that the pests could be exploiting. It is also critical to deal with any environmental conditions that might be conducive to reproduction such as moisture in ventilation or in basements. Due to the camel cricket’s reclusive nature, it may be best to call Arrow Pest Service to inspect the home and identify any signs of pest activity.

At Arrow Pest Service, our technicians are trained professionals with years of experience treating for pests of all kinds. Rather than simply applying the same blanket treatment method for every job, we treat each pest problem as a unique situation. We use information gathered from a thorough inspection as well as analysis from our in-house pest professionals to formulate a safe, targeted treatment plan to deal with your pest problems quickly and effectively!


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