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Carpenter ants cause damage to homes, Panama City, FL -Arrow Pest Service

As we draw closer to spring, homeowners will often call us to report spotting signs of damage around wood and sometimes the presence of large, black ants.

In most cases, the culprits in question are common carpenter ants.


While we have discussed at length how carpenter ants can cause damage when infesting, a large part of pest control involves correcting any conducive environmental conditions that can allow pests such as carpenter ants to thrive in your home.

So you may be asking: What conducive conditions should homeowners be on the lookout for?

Carpenter ants, like any pest, are attracted to certain food sources. Making these resources unavailable to pests can reduce the likelihood of their infesting your home. In the case of carpenter ants, these pests primarily feed on greasy substances. This will lead to feeding around pet foods, stovetops, trashcans, and other areas that collect oil and grease.

Due to this, proper cleaning procedures can help to avoid attracting carpenter ants. This extends to areas outside of the home, such as bird feeders and pet food bowls. In some cases, carpenter ants can be attracted to these external sources and then grow into a much larger infestation throughout the home.

Don’t let a carpenter ant infestation grow out of hand in your home. If you are seeing signs of pest infestation, call Arrow Pest Service, to perform an inspection.


At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience providing pest control for the Panama City area. We offer a wide range of treatment options designed to safely target pests in your home and remove the problem quickly and completely!

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How to keep snakes out of my home, Panama City, FL- Arrow Pest Service

There are a variety of different wildlife pests that can invade your home.

Of these pests, possibly the most unpleasant and unwanted are snakes.

With so many different active species, snakes come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. While it is almost impossible to identify every species and their habits, you can take a few simple steps to help keep your home snake free.

So how do snakes get into your home, and what can you do to prevent it?

The best way to keep your home snake free is to prevent their access to begin with. Snakes are accidental invaders that most often enter homes pursuing prey, and will stay because homes offer artificial warmth and easy access to food. Snakes can potentially enter the home through a variety of different avenues, some of the most common include:

  • Garages
  • Outdoor sheds
  • Exterior cracks or gaps in the structure
  • Windows and Doors
  • Vents
  • Crawlspaces

Making sure these areas are properly secure will help to reduce the chances of a snake infestation. Beyond this, it will also help to clear up any clutter and debris around the home, as snakes will often exploit these areas as hiding spaces.If you think you may already have a snake in the home, you should probably call in a licensed wildlife professional to inspect the home. While most species of snakes here in Florida are non-venomous, you should always be cautious when interacting with snakes. At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience dealing with all kinds of pests. Our technicians are trained professionals who are equipped to provide you with safe, targeted treatment plans designed to deal with your pest problems as quickly as possible!


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PPS. Ask about our FREE Exclusive 58 Point Inspection!