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How to prevent ants infesting your home this summer, Arrow Pest Service-Panama City, FL

With the return of warm weather, many homeowners here in Florida begin a variety of landscaping and spring cleaning tasks to spruce up their homes and property.

But did you know that this could cause an unintentional pest risk to your home? The truth is, the white-footed ant, a highly active pest here in Southern Florida, can take advantage of landscaping as a way to gain access to your home!

White-footed ants are a pest species known for creating massive colonies containing millions of worker ants. They are extremely small in size, growing to less than 1/8 inch in length, and can be identified by their distinctive, cream-colored feet.

White-footed ants often infest landscaping materials such as mulch, and this can sometimes lead to their unintended introduction to your home. Once in proximity, these pests can use their small size to gain access to the home through avenues that other pests cannot exploit.

Your home can be an attractive environment for the white-footed ant due to the abundance of food and moisture sources available within. Ant workers will often be spotted by homeowners around kitchens, pantries, and other food storage areas.

White-footed ants can subsist on a variety of food sources, so it is critical to ensure that you keep all stored food well sealed and clean up any crumbs or spills that could attract the ants.

There are a few steps that homeowners can take to help reduce their risk of dealing with a white-footed ant infestation.

Firstly, it is critical to inspect any plants or landscaping material that you bring in and around your home to ensure that you are not unintentionally introducing an infestation. Beyond this, it is also generally good advice to keep landscape mulch at least a foot away from the foundation of the home and to remove any lumber or debris piles around the property.

While these steps will not entirely remove your risk of pest invasion, they will certainly make it less likely.

Eradicating a white-footed ant population from your property is no easy task. They have a large nest population, and it is possible that multiple satellite nests could exist in and around your home in more severe cases. For this reason, effective treatment requires a thorough inspection to identify problem areas and often a series of regularly scheduled treatments.

If white-footed ants are invading your home, you need a pest control service that you can trust to take on your pest problems!

At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience providing pest control for the Panama City area. We offer a wide range of treatment options designed to safely target pests in your home and remove the problem quickly and completely!

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How to keep a roach free home, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

Watch the short video above to find out how to keep your home roach free!

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Rat problem in my attic-Panama City, FL -Arrow Pest Service

Bugs are not the only pests that can create problems for homeowners here in Florida.

There are a large number of wildlife pests that become active as the weather grows colder. Pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons can cause a major nuisance and potentially damage your home if they are allowed access. One of those pests, the black rat, has been increasingly active recently.

So you may be wondering, what are black rats, and how can I identify them?

Black rats, or roof rats as they are sometimes known, are a species that originated in Asia, migrating to Europe during several thousand years ago. These rats traveled across the world as Europeans explored and are know an active presence here in the United States.

As their name might suggest, black rats are covered in black fur, but can have browner shades depending on the region. These pests grow to around 40cm in length from nose to tail, and are significantly smaller than other species such as the Norway rat.

These rats are often attracted to homes while scavenging for food. They are very agile and skilled climbers, and can take advantage of a variety of commonly exposed access points on the home such as…

  • Unsealed windows and doors
  • Unscreened vents
  • Roof damage
  • Exterior gaps and cracks
  • Crawlspaces
  • Open garages or sheds

Due to their curious nature, they will often find a secluded access point and use it to gain entry to the home. Once inside, the rats will typically seek out a space to establish a nesting site. In the wild, black rats often nest in high altitude areas such as the tops of trees, and they will seek to recreate these environments in homes if possible. As such they will often nest in rafters and attics.

Outside of nest building, black rats will also spend time scavenging around the home for food sources. Black rats have a diverse, omnivorous diet and can consume seeds, fungi, pet foods, meat, and sometimes small vertebrates and insects. They have a voracious diet, and in some cases they can even create problems for farmers by consuming a variety of different agriculturally significant crops.

Rats will often store food in their nests and will begin to reproduce soon after making their home inside the structure. This can quickly allow the population to get out of hand, and before long you can be dealing with a full on infestation in your home. Homeowners will typically first notice the rats due to hearing sounds of their movement during the night.

Beyond this, black rats can be identified by the damage that they leave behind. Areas inhabited by the rats will have excrement and fur left behind, and you may notice grease marks on walls and baseboards. Black rats can also be very destructive houseguests, and you may notice damage to insulation and drywall as well as evidence of chewing on wires and water lines. These types of damages can be expensive to repair and in some cases can create a major fire hazard.

Obviously, no homeowner wants to deal with a rat infestation, and by taking proper precautions you can greatly reduce the probability of an infestation. Generally speaking, the most important part step to keep rats out of your home is to ensure that they have no exploitable avenue to gain access in the first place.

Having an inspection of the exterior of your home by Arrow Pest Service can help to identify potential problem areas before they are exploited by pests. Beyond this, you should also remember to keep any food, including pet food, well sealed and put way. This helps to avoid attracting rats as well as most other invasive pests.

If you suspect rats are already active in your home, your best option is to call Arrow Pest Service to perform an inspection and treatment if necessary. Black rats can be dangerous to interact with without proper training, and they can carry a variety of bacteria and diseases as well that are dangerous to humans and pets. As such, it is typically best to leave this type of treatment in professional hands.

At Arrow Pest Service, we are one of the leading pest providers for the greater Panama City area. We have had decades of experience dealing with pests of all kinds, and we offer a wide variety of targeted treatment options to deal with any pest that you might encounter. These treatments are all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee, and we have rigorously vetted them to ensure they are the safest, most effective options available!

So if you are dealing with rats in your home, call us today at 850-874-1900!

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