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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

As we spend time with our loved ones this Christmas season, it is a good time to be able to look back and reminisce on the passing year. It has been a joyful year for us here at Arrow Pest Service. We have had a successful year and have continued to serve our existing customers and we have grown to serve new areas as well.

Our success and wellbeing is in large part due to you, our customer.

Your continued reliance on us as your pest control provider has allowed us to in turn provide for our own families, and for that reason we are very thankful to you. We have always tried to operate with integrity, and we have always wanted those who we serve to feel more like friends and neighbors than just customers. We hope to continue to grow and provide service into the next year and beyond!

 So from our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

We are thankful to you for your business, and we hope that you enjoy days of festive cheer with your family and friends!

And remember, if you need a reliable service to keep your home free of pests (including any humbugs!) you can always call us at 850-874-1900!


Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!




Argentine Ant colonies, Panama City, FL – Arrow Pest Service

One type of ant that is occasionally found in Florida is the Argentine ant.

Argentine ants are relatively small in size, growing between 2-3mm in length as adults. They are usually brown in coloration, but can vary in shade depending on the region. Argentine ants are famous for their massive subterranean colony sizes. A large Argentine ant colony can contain hundreds of egg laying queens and millions of workers. Some Argentine ant colonies grow so large they are considered to be “supercolonies.” One such colony, identified on the coast of California, stretches more than 500 miles in length. Interestingly, researchers have found a genetic link between the California supercolony and two other supercolonies found in Japans and Europe. It is believed that these colonies are linked due to ants from one of the original colonies traveling due to commerce.

Homeowners will often spot Argentine ants when they travel to and from their nests while scavenging. Like most ants, they are omnivorous, and have a very diverse diet with a preference for sweet, sugary foods. They will sometimes enter homes following trails of food scraps or stains left behind by people or pets. For this reason, it is important to keep food well sealed to avoid attracting ants.

Life Cycle of the Argentine ant

Like most types of ants, Argentine ants undergo complete metamorphosis. Their life cycle begins with a fertile queen mating with a male drone. Each queen will continuously lay eggs throughout their life cycles, and they can lay more than 50 eggs per day. These eggs will hatch in a little less than a month, and the emerging larvae will develop into adulthood over the next two and half months. Unlike most ant species, Argentine ants do not have a “swarming season” during which winged alates mate. Instead, the reproductive members of the colony will mate within the nest. If a nest grows too large, a queen will occasionally leave the main nest to establish a satellite colony nearby. These nests are often highly connected and in some cases they will share workers.

If you are seeing large numbers of ants in or around your home, it is possible that a colony is located somewhere nearby. Argentine ants tend to nests in areas with damp, malleable soil, and they are often found beneath or beside structures and sidewalks. In your yard, it is possible to find Argentine ants nesting beneath trees and shrubs, as these areas tend to have the ideal temperature and soil environment they prefer.

While Argentine ants are not known to be destructive, their massive colony sizes can make them a problematic infestation. Argentine ant nests tend to be wide and shallow, which can damage the soil and allow them to spread into your home. To make matters more complicated, it is also difficult to tell how extensive an infestation of these ants has become, since their colonies can spread incredibly far. Due to these difficulties, it is often best to call in a licensed pest control company if you are concerned about the risks of Argentine ants. While DIY pest products can be somewhat effective, they often do little to address the existing colony, and the ants will return once the treatment has expired.

If you are dealing with Argentine ants, or any other pest, you need Arrow Pest Service to resolve your pest problems QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY! At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience treating for pests of all kinds. Rather than applying the same generalized treatment processes for each job, our technicians begin each job with a thorough inspection of the property. We use the information gathered from this inspection to formulate a safe, targeted treatment plan to eliminate the infestation!

So if you need pest solutions, call us today at 850-874-1900!

Here’s to YOU living PEST FREE!

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Stink bugs are a major nuisance, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

Stink bugs are a pest that can be a major nuisance for homeowners during the spring and summer months.

Due to their rapid reproductive habit and capacity to cause significant damage to various types of plant life, stink bugs are viewed by many as a growing problem in the United States. In many cases, the best way to keep your home stink bug free is to prevent them from gaining access in the first place. Using the information provided here, a responsible homeowner will be better able to keep their home safe from this frustrating pest.

Stink bugs are members of order Hemiptera, and are thus considered to be true bugs. One of the most common species, the brown marmorated stink bug, can sometimes be found around homes in Florida, especially during the warm weather. These bugs grow up to 17mm in length as adults, and can be identified by their varied, dark and light brown coloration.

Life Cycle

During the early summer, the adult females of this species will begin to lay eggs, usually between 20 and 30 at a time. These eggs will be attached to the underside of plants, and in less than a week new nymphs will emerge. The nymphs are fairly easy to spot due to their bright yellow and red colors, and they will quickly feed and grow throughout the rest of the summer.

By fall, these nymphs will be grown adults. They will then seek out a safe, secluded area in which they can live through the cold winter months. It is this that can often bring them into contact with homeowners. A home can provide the stink bugs with the perfect hiding place to remain warm and safe all winter. They will often exploit openings in the exterior of the structure, and can sometimes hide in areas such as crawlspaces and inside walls. Once they are inside the home, it can be much harder to remove them, and as such preventative treatment is often focused on the exterior of the structure. During the spring, the stink bugs will reemerge from their hiding places. They will often be found at this time massed on the exterior of the building.

Beyond the nuisance that they can cause to homeowners, stink bugs can be very damaging to plants as well.

Stink bugs, as adults and as nymphs, feed on a variety of plants. Common plants that they can sometimes consume include the following:

  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Tomatoes

Due to this threat, many farmers and others who work with agriculture are concerned by the threat that stink bugs may pose as they continue to reproduce and spread. Stink bugs feed on plants by piercing their stems and fruit with their sucking mouthparts. This leaves behind a scar on the plant as it continues to grow, which can ruin its appearance and damage it permanently.

Homeowners concerned with the threat that could be posed by stinkbugs can protect their home by taking several important measures. As stated above, the nuisance caused by stink bugs is due to their tendency to overwinter in homes.

Prevent Stinkbugs from entering your home:

As such, the first step that homeowners should take is to ensure that any cracks or caps in the exterior of the home are sealed. Any other potential openings, such as unsealed windows or unscreened vents, should also be sealed up if possible. If you are concerned about potential vulnerabilities around your home, it is best to call Arrow Pest Service to inspect the home and identify any potential problems.

Ways to Eliminate Stink Bugs:

If you are dealing with stinkbugs already inside the home, there are a few treatment options that can be effective to eliminate the population. Due to the difficulty and risks of using treatment products in your home, homeowners should  call Arrow Pest Service to administer treatment to the home. At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience treating for pests of all kinds. Our technicians begin each treatment job with a thorough inspection of the property, which we use to identify any signs of pest activity as well as any conditions that might be conducive to future infestation. Once this is complete, we will formulate a safe, targeted treatment plan to deal with your pest problems once and for all!

So if you are dealing with pests, or simply have a question, call us today at 850-874-1900!

Here’s to YOU living pest free!

Summertime pests, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

As the month of July begins, friends and families across the country gather together to celebrate our independence and to enjoy a variety of fun summer activities. While homeowners are enjoying these events, they most likely want to do so without dealing with any nuisance pests. We have been dealing with pests in the United States since before 1776, and they show no signs of going anywhere!

While summer brings sunny days and outdoor events, it also brings an increase in pest activity. Here in Florida, our warm and humid climate is a perfect breeding ground for a variety of pests. From destructive pests such as termites to nuisance pests such as mosquitoes and flies, homeowners find themselves assaulted during this time of year with new pest problems. For this reason, it is all the more important during this time of the year to ensure that your home is protected from any potential pest infestations.

The best way to make sure that your home is protected from pests is to have an inspection of your home completed by a licensed pest control company. An inspection can discover pest activity early, preventing an infestation from becoming too severe. It also serves to identify any conditions that could be conducive to future pest infestation such as exterior structure damage, water damage, or unsealed access points such as windows or vents. Since pests are significantly more difficult to remove once they have established themselves in your home, having an inspection can save you a lot of frustration down the road.

If you are currently dealing with active pest problems, our team can provide you with a variety of treatment options to remove any infestations. Unlike some companies that use the same basic treatments for every job, our technicians use information gathered in the inspection of the home to decide on the safest, most effective approach for dealing with any pests in your home. This helps to make treatment faster, and saves you money due to the use of more efficient treatment options.

So if you are dealing with pests that are threatening to ruin your summer activities, call Arrow Pest Service today! We have decades of experience dealing with pests of all types, and we offer an industry leading customer satisfaction guarantee! No matter what pest problems you are dealing with this summer, we are your one call option for a pest free life!

Call us today at 850-874-1900! We will be happy to help in any way that we can, and we wish everyone a happy 4th of July!

Here’s to YOU living pest free!


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What to do if you have a hornet problem around your home, Arrow Pest Service-Panama City, FL

Here at Arrow Pest Service, we receive many calls about European Hornets. Notable for being one of the largest species of wasps in the world, European Hornets are prevalent all throughout the United States. They are approximately 1 inch in length, and have a yellow/brown coloration all over their body.

European Hornets are carnivorous. Their diet typically consists of other insects, such as other wasps and moths. When hunting, they will often capture prey through the use of their stingers. They deliver an unusually high amount of venom to their targets. Stings delivered to humans can be dangerous to those who are allergic. Even individuals with more mild allergies can be affected at an unusually high level due to the sheer amount of venom that the European Hornet releases.

 European Hornets are known to create nests. These nests will often be located more than 6 feet above ground in hollows and other areas. Each nest has a queen as well as hundreds of workers. European Hornets are extremely defensive around their nests. They will often sting any person or animal that comes too close to a nesting area. Due to this, extreme caution should be taken if you are near to a European Hornet nest.

 European Hornets are also known to be attracted to light. If you approach a nest, it is important to remove any artificial light sources that could attract them. If a nest is far away from your home, it is typically not a concern. The European Hornet nests are short lived, and will die out during the winter months. However, if a nest is located near to a home or other structure, it can be a danger to pets as well as any people that approach it. Removal of a nesting area can be extremely hazardous without professional equipment and training. Therefore, calling Arrow Pest Service for professional assistance is almost always the best approach for European Hornet extermination.

 If you have a European Hornet problem around your home, you want to call Arrow Pest Service, a company you can trust to solve your problems in a safe and effective manner. Here at Arrow Pest Service, our team of technicians are trained in the use of industry leading extermination techniques. We pride ourselves in being able to offer safe, reliable, and fairly priced solutions for all of your pest problems!

 So if you have a pest problem, or have any questions, call us today at 850-874-1900. We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!


Here’s to YOU living pest free!


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