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Warm weather means swarming season for termites, Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

As the warm weather returns, so to do many destructive pests.

One of the most infamous groups of pests, subterranean termites, begin to emerge once again as the warmer weather returns.

During the wintertime, subterranean termites move deeper beneath the ground to survive the cold, and while an active infestation can feed during the winter, it is difficult for the colony to expand until the return of warmer weather.

During the late spring and early summer, termites begin what is known as their “swarming season”. During this time, they release groups of winged alates, also known as swarmers, to mate and establish new colonies.

The question is, however, can these swarmers threaten your home?

To assess the threat of termite swarmers to your home, you must first confirm their identity. Termite swarmers differ in appearance from workers or soldiers. They are typically beige, cream, or black in coloration, and they have two large sets of wings.

Termite swarmers are commonly mistaken for ant colony swarmers due to their similar appearance, but they can be distinguished by the shape and size of their wings. Ant swarmer species have uneven wings, and these can be contrasted by the perfect symmetry of the termite swarmer wings.

As stated above, termite swarmers are the reproductive members of the colony. They are in a sense the future kings and queens of satellite colonies. When they are released, termite swarmers will meet with swarmers from all local colonies, they will then mate and move to establish new nests.

These nests will take time to develop, usually around 1-2 years. During this time, the queen will begin to hatch the first generations of workers, which will build and expand the nest. Though these new nests are not an immediate threat, they are essentially hidden traps, lying in wait to attack your home. Though termite swarmers cannot directly attack your home, they are a sign that future termite activity is a likely possibility. Beyond this, they are also evidence that nearby colonies are active and expanding, and thus it is possible an infestation has already reached your home.

If homeowners spot termite swarmers, what steps should they take to protect their homes?

If termite swarmers are around your property, it should be treated as a serious risk.

Termites are extremely destructive. Their voracious feeding can cause significant damage to homes and other structures. As such, it is critical to identify any termite threats in their early stages.

The best way to protect your home from termites is by having inspections and pretreatments performed on your home by a licensed pest control provider. A trained pest professional can identify even the most subtle signs of termite activity as well as any structural or environmental conditions that may be conducive to future infestation.

Even if you already have termite treatment products, such as bait station systems, around your home, it is still necessary to have these systems monitored and updated periodically. As such, you should consult with your pest control provider to ensure that the necessary steps are being taken to protect your home from pests.

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Identify termites before they cause damage to your home-Panama City, FL-Arrow Pest Service

In an earlier article  we covered in detail the lifestyle, habits, and common evidence of termite swarmers around your home. While termite swarmers can be a sign of a future termite threat to your home, they are only one “caste” of termites in a termite colony. Excluding the queen, there are two other major castes of termites in a colony, the workers and the soldiers.

Learning about these two castes can help homeowners and technicians spot an active termite colony before it has a chance to cause damage to your home!


Workers are the most numerous caste in the termite colony. Termite workers are responsible for gathering cellulosic(wood-based) materials to feed the population of the colony. They are also responsible for caring for the young, underdeveloped termites and for the majority of building and repair work for the tunnels and structure of the nest.

Termites workers are rarely spotted outside of their subterranean tunnels. They are responsible for the damage done to homes and other structures, and can usually only be identified when they emerge to feed on wood products in and around the home. Unfortunately, termite workers tend to access the home from beneath, and will typically only be found in secluded areas such as beneath floorboards or inside walls.


True to their name, the main role of termite soldiers is to act as a first line of defense for the colony. They can sometimes be spotted outside of the nest, assisting in repairs when tunnels or entrances collapse as well as protecting the termite workers. Termite soldiers are physically larger than other termites, and have large mandibles that they use to defend the nest from enemies.

While they do not directly cause structural damage to your home, termite soldiers are extremely important for the vitality of the colony, and their presence should be viewed as a sign of nearby termite worker activity.

Keeping your home termite free:

Termites are a tremendously destructive pest. If left untreated, an active colony can cause homeowners a great deal of expense and frustration. Therefore, it is important to identify any signs of potential termite activity on your property as soon as possible. If you have spotted any evidence of termite activity around your home, it is best to have a thorough inspection performed for your home by Arrow Pest Service.

Here at Arrow Pest Service, we have years of experience treating for termites. Our technicians will inspect your property and identify any potential evidence of termite activity, note any conditions that are conducive for infestation, and provide you with the best options for both active and preventative termite treatment!


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What do Termites look like-Panama City, FL

Have you ever wondered what termites look like?

Most homeowners mistake termites for ants, watch this video so you won’t be Mistaken.


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