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Rats are an undesirable houseguest in any circumstance.

Finding a rat in your home can cause quite a fright, and naturally homeowners want to keep their home protected from rats and similar pests. While most people might expect rats to congregate to dark, secluded areas of the home such as the basement or garage, the truth is the most common area for infestation is the attic. One of the most common types of rats that infest homes here in Florida is the roof rat.

Roof rats, which are sometimes known as ship rats or black rats, grow to around 40cm in length, and are slightly smaller than the Norway rat. They can be best identified by their blackish-brown fur coloration.

Roof rats are skilled climbers, and they can often be found at the tops of trees in the wild. They prefer to nest up off the ground, where they are safe from predators. Their preference for higher altitude areas extends to attics of homes, where they will sometimes create nests. While roof rats prefer to nest in the wild, housing development often uproots their nests, and this causes them to seek new shelter in suburban areas.

Like most rats, the roof rat has a very diverse diet. They prefer to consume nuts and fruit, but when necessary they will consume meat. They tend to store their food in nests, as this helps them to survive the cold winter months, when food sources are scarce.

Roof rats often enter homes by exploiting exterior structure damage, or by creating that damage themselves. They will often use nearby trees to climb onto the home, and from there will find a way to access the home. The rats prefer the attics of homes, as these are often secluded and are at a temperature level that they find comfortable. As they are nesting creatures, the rats will create nests out of whatever materials they can find nearby, often damaging insulation in the process.

Roof rats can cause a lot of damage to your home if left unchecked.

They are known to chew through electrical wires and water lines, which can create a fire hazard. They will also sometimes chew through drywall and leave behind contaminates in areas that they move through. Like most rats, the roof rat can carry a variety of diseases and bacteria. Homeowners should be cautious when in areas that they believe rats are active, as they could become sick.

If you are concerned that roof rats have infiltrated your home, the first sign that you might notice is the sound of rat activity during the night. Roof rats are nocturnal foragers, and homeowners will sometimes hear the sounds caused by the rats moving around late at night. Other common signs are the chewing damage left by the rats as well as grease marks left from the oils in their fur. While a variety of different wildlife creatures can leave similar evidence, it is always best to have a professional pest service perform an inspection on the home if you are concerned about the possibility of a roof rat infestation.

Removing roof rats from your home can be tricky work. Due to their tendency to nest in out of the way areas, homeowners can sometimes have difficulty identifying exactly where the rats are nesting in the home. It is also important to remember to avoid directly handling the rats, as they may bite when threatened and can carry disease. Because of the difficulties of correctly removing the rats, it is often best to call in a licensed pest control company to deal with any roof rats in your home.

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