German roaches are very different than the other cockroaches in that they need people to survive by giving them food, water, and shelter.  Following these instructions below will ensure that all of the basics that are needed for roach survival are eliminated. Please take the time to review and execute this list before we come out to your home so that your issue is eliminated promptly.



  1. Remove all items from the cabinets and place them on the floor in the middle of the living room covered with a sheet.
  2. Empty all trash cans.
  3. Remove and items that are easily removable from the floors (toys, pillows, clothes, any debris).
  4. Move all furniture (refrigerator, couch, high chair, TV stands, anything that touches a wall) away from the walls.
  5. Every unit must be cleaned prior to treatment.
  6. Remove all animals, birds, and fish.
  7. Remove or cover sigh tanks and turn off pumps as long as it is not a saltwater tank. (remember to turn the pump on again after you return)

Important Notes:

  • All tenants must be ready for treatment to be effective.
  • Sanitizing plays an important part of this process in order for this treatment to be effective. Thoroughly clean any grease, food particles, spills, etc. that the roaches could use as a food source. Also be sure to keep areas clean of food debris or roaches may come back.
  • When a Liquid product is used, you must be out of the residence for 3-4 hours. If you have pests, they must also be out for the entire 3-4 hours. If only baits are being used, you do not have to leave the residence.
  • If an odor is still present when you return to the apartment, open windows and ventilate.
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