Pest control is a diverse industry with an enormous number of companies of all sizes. For a homeowner choosing a pest control provider, it can sometimes be difficult to sort the good from the bad. The fact is, choosing a good pest provider can be extremely important as it determines the quality, expense, and safety of the service that you receive. At Arrow Pest Service, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service possible. However, we cannot be everywhere at once. Due to this, some of the frequent visitors to our website might be out of our service range. However, to help those who we cannot directly service, we used our decades of experience in the pest industry to create a list of a few check marks that any good pest control company should meet. Hopefully, these will help homeowners to make the right choice when selecting a pest control provider.

Certification and Documentation:

The first and perhaps most important requirement for a good pest control company is the possession of correct certification. Almost every state in the US requires some form of licensing that provides proof of training and assessed competence for technicians and the company more generally. Unfortunately, some companies choose to operate illegally with this documentation, and thus their practices and standards have not been reviewed by a pest expert. Any legitimate company should be happy and willing to show you their documentation, and homeowners should avoid and potentially report companies that do not. Beyond this, any pest treatment on your home should come with some form of follow up documentation. This documentation typically specifies what type of treatment was performed, the associated costs, and other details pertinent to the service. This documentation is very important because it serves as proof of service in any case of dispute.


Technicians are the heart of any pest control company. They are the employees in the field who are performing any treatment or other services for customers. A good pest control company should have well dressed, professional technicians who are knowledgeable about pests, treatment products, and other related information. If a technician is unprofessional, rude, or sloppy, odds are the rest of the company is not held to a high standard, and you can’t expect a bad technician to perform good, thorough treatment.


Depending on the pest in question, removing an infestation can be a complex, multistep process. In some cases, a small remnant of an infestation can survive treatment, and return later in the season. For this reason, a reliable pest control company will offer some form of quality assurance guarantee. This guarantee is important because it shows that the company is confident in their treatment ability and that they are committed to keeping their customers satisfied. While this is not a necessity of good service, homeowners should still be cautious when working with a company with no quality guarantee.

Products and Chemical Use:

In most cases, pest treatment requires some form of chemical treatment product to be used in or around your property. Some of these chemicals can carry health risks to people, pets, and the environment if improperly used. An expert pest company should take the products that they use seriously. If you are concerned about treatment methods or products that are being used in your home, the pest technician should be able to answer your questions on the topic. A good company should have policies to use treatment products as directed and in reasonable quantities.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Pest control is a service industry with mostly long-term customer bases. As such, a pest control company that has been in operation for a few years should have reviews of some kind available from those with whom they have done business in the past. When considering pest control companies, you should ask friends and neighbors who they use for pest control, and you may be able to get first-hand information about the quality of a company. Beyond this, most companies will have google reviews listed on their website. A series of stellar reviews can give you confidence that is fair, competitive and cares about their image.


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