Mattresses are the most common sites of bed bug infestation, and due to this preventing and removing bed bugs from your mattress is often a big part of treatment processes. But why is the mattress so commonly infested? Put shortly, this is because the mattress serves to provide bed bugs with a secluded, dark hiding space that is also in close proximity to a source of blood. This creates the perfect environment for bed bug activity.

But how do bed bugs get onto your mattress to begin with?

Bed bugs can gain access to your mattress in a variety of ways. Most commonly, bed bugs gain access to your home due to travel or by infesting used bedding, storage, or furniture that is then brought into the home. You can probably imagine the scenarios in which this could occur. Coming in from a long trip, many people will bring their luggage into their bedroom before unpacking. If even a single bed bug has travelled inside the luggage, it could spread to the mattress. Once an infestation has begun, it is only a matter of time before a substantial population exists in the room.

If bed bugs have infested my mattress, how will I know?

Bed bugs are troublesome pests, and for this reason it is usually fairly easy to tell if they are active in your home. The first sign of their presence is usually the uncomfortable, red bite marks that they leave behind. It is important to note, however, that not everyone will react the same way to these bites. For some people, the bites will not show up for up to two days, and sometimes not at all. If you start to see bites, you should investigate the mattress to identify other signs of bed bug activity. You can search around the mattress seams, beneath the bedding, and around the frame for signs of live bed bugs. Other common signs of their activity include:

  • Brown fecal stains, usually on the mattress itself
  • Small blood stains dotted on the sheets and linens
  • Cream colored egg shells beneath the mattress

Finding one or more of these signs can give you a good indication that bed bugs are active in your home. If you have identified clear signs of bed bug activity, you should call in a licensed pest control company to inspect your home as soon as possible.

How can I get rid of the bed bugs in my mattress?

It is important to stress that, when it comes to bed bugs, professional assistance is almost always a requirement. Home remedies against bed bugs are generally ineffective, and most DIY treatment products only take care of a portion of the population. Any effective bed bug treatment aims for 100% eradication. If any bed bugs are allowed to survive, they will eventually return in the future after rebuilding their population. To achieve the necessary level of treatment, it is usually necessary to employ professional grade pesticide treatments or to use a heat treatment method Heat treatments can be very effective for mattresses because they are guaranteed to completely eradicate the population by raising the temperature to a point that is fatal to any bed bug. Pesticide treatments for bed bugs can also be very effective. The products designed to target bed bugs are complex, and are completely safe to homeowners when used per the instructions of the pest technician.

Which treatment method is best for your home varies depending on a variety of environmental and situational factors. A skilled pest technician can use information gathered via inspection to formulate a safe, effective treatment plan for your home, and therefore your best option is to consult with your pest control provider.

What steps can I take to prevent future infestation?

When it comes to keeping your mattress bed bug free, the best option is to take preventative measures to avoid the situation to begin with. Homeowners should be cautious to avoid unintentionally bringing bed bugs into the home. To reduce the probability of bed bugs infesting your home, you should remember to:

  • Inspect all luggage before bringing it into the home
  • Carefully check any used furniture and bedding linens
  • Reduce clutter in your home
  • Regularly clean linens, carpets, and furniture

These steps will help you to avoid inadvertently introducing bed bugs into your home. Homeowners should also schedule with their pest control provider for regular inspections. These inspections can often identify infestations in their early stages, and make the treatment process much simpler.

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