Homeowners will often call us concerned about hearing bumps and other noises in the night. Sometimes these noises can be signs of wildlife pest activity. While most people associate pest problems with warmer weather, the truth is that wintertime is the number one time for wildlife pest invasions. One of the more troublesome and destructive pests that homeowners here in Florida may deal with is the flying squirrel.

So the question is, how do you keep your home free of flying squirrels?

While there are a variety of different flying squirrel species around the world, the most common species here in Florida is the southern flying squirrel. These squirrels can be identified by their grayish-brown fur and are usually less than 10 inches in length. Contrary to what their name may suggest, flying squirrels actually glide rather than fly. These pests use flaps of skin that connect their legs and arms to glide between their nests and trees. This gives them exceptional mobility and can allow them to access parts of your home that other pests cannot touch.

Like most wildlife pests, flying squirrels are often attracted to homes because they offer warm shelter and a source of food. They will often gather in groups during the winter to establish nesting sites, scavenge food, and survive the winter. These squirrels are very clever, and will often exploit various avenues to gain access to your homes such as exterior cracks and gaps, roof damage, or ventilation. Once they are inside, flying squirrels often establish nests in secluded, high altitude spaces such as rafters and attics. They will often scavenge materials from the home and can cause damage to insulation and wiring.

Naturally, you want to keep flying squirrels and other wildlife pests out of your home. The best way to keep your home safe is by having regular inspections of your home performed by a licensed pest control service. A trained technician is able to identify even the most subtle signs of pest activity and can trace this evidence back to the source of the problem. Since these pests can be so destructive if left unchecked, you will save yourself frustration and expense in the long run by having inspections performed.

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