We have spoken at length about how important regular inspections are in the effort to keep your home pest free, but it is not often discussed how particular pests can be identified via inspection. Bed bugs are an infamous pest, and if they are in your home it is extremely important to identify the evidence of their activity before they are able to establish a large infestation. The truth is, the signs of bed bug activity are very different from those of other pests, and you may need a skilled pest technician to identify evidence of their presence.

So the question is: what signs do pest technicians look for during an inspect, and why are inspections so important?

Because bed bugs grow to less than 5mm in length, they can squeeze into even the smallest cracks and crevices. This can make it difficult to identify signs of their activity. When a technician is inspecting your home, they are looking for signs leftover from bed bug activity rather than just the pests themselves. Bed bugs often leave behind small brownish-black spots on pillows, mattresses, and linens, and these can help to lead the technician to the source of the infestation. Once they have checked in the more commonly infested spaces, a technician will also look in more unusual areas such as in boxes, around furniture, lamps, children’s toys, and anywhere else that could be harboring pests. These types of inspections are very important because they allow the technician to gather information with which they can formulate a targeted treatment plan for your home. The location and severity of an infestation can play a large role in how it is dealt with, so you want to make sure that any company you call in is one that is committed to this critical step in treatment.

At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience identifying and treating bed bug infestations! Our technicians are trained professionals, and we start every treatment process with a thorough inspection that allows us to determine the most effective way to tackle your pest problems!

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