We have previously discussed at length how conducive environmental conditions can allow for pest infestation, but did you know that, for some pests, those conditions can exponentially increase the degree of infestation? For some pests, the right environment can create a perfect storm transforming a relatively harmless pest into a large and problematic infestation. One great example of this behavior is that of the silverfish. Most people are aware of what silverfish are, even if they have not put a name to the pest. Silverfish are small, reclusive pests growing to around 3/4 inches. Identifying features of these pests include their characteristic “teardrop” shaped bodies, glistening bluish-silver bodies, and long bristles located near to the tail.

As we stated above, silverfish are a good example of how the environment impacts infestation because the scale of their development is directly tied to the moisture content in an environment. The more humid an area is, the more quickly silverfish will hatch and grow. This can be especially problematic here in Florida due to our above average levels of moisture, rainfall, and temperature. As you might expect, areas of the home that match these conditions are often the first places infested by silverfish. Some of the following areas being the most common:

  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Bathrooms (Near drains and sinks)
  • Kitchens (Especially beneath large appliances)
  • Beneath boxes and debris
  • Around water damage

These areas often provide the silverfish initial refuge, and will typically be the source of any infestation around your home. Beyond just the requirement for moisture, silverfish also prefer areas with low light levels, so it is possible to encounter them in ventilation and outdoor sheds. Silverfish can cause a wide variety of problems for homeowners, most of which relate to their diet. Silverfish can consume almost any type of carbohydrates, sugars, and starches. This can lead them to feed on any food left out as well as more unusual substances such as shampoo, cellulosic (wood-based) material, glue, linens, and silk. They are notorious for damaging a variety of collectables such as stamps, comic books, and rare fabrics as well as parts of the home like wallpapers or furniture.

When left unchecked, silverfish can be a major problem for homeowners. As such, any responsible homeowner is probably interested in knowing how to detect and prevent silverfish infestations. Unfortunately, these pests can be difficult to spot. Being nocturnal and generally shy creatures, silverfish can rarely be spotted out in the open, but you may notice signs of damage in some of their more frequented areas.

A popular myth exists that cinnamon is a home remedy for a silverfish infestation. This probably emerged due to their tendency to avoid the spice. Unfortunately, however, it is no cure. Silverfish will avoid cinnamon, but it cannot kill them, and thus it will not resolve an infestation. The truth is, the best thing homeowners can do to prevent silverfish is to remove any conducive conditions that might allow them to thrive. Maintaining control of humidity and moisture build-up in the home, especially in crawlspaces and vents, will help to keep the silverfish out. If you are already dealing with an infestation in your home, your best option is to call in a licensed pest professional to inspect your home. On your own, it can be difficult to define the spread of the infestation, and thus a professional inspection is often required to uncover and eradicate the pests.

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