Pest control is not just about protecting your home.

There are a number of pests that have a different target: your lawn. These lawn destroying pests can be a major threat to your property, especially during the spring and early summer. One of the most destructive examples of these types of pests is the sod webworm. These invaders can cause significant damage to your lawn if left unchecked.

But what are sod webworms, and how do they attack your lawn?

Sod webworms are not a species in and of themselves. In fact, they are actually the larvae of the lawn moth. Adult lawn moths are not destructive, but the young larvae cause significant damage to the grass by feeding on the stems and leaves of the plant. Sod webworms begin life as eggs inside silk-lined tunnels located just below the soil surface. They emerge when the warm weather returns, typically around April or May. For the the rest of the summer, these pests will grow and consume the grass from below. This will leave behind unsightly, brown patches of dead grass throughout the lawn. Sod webworm prefer to live in lawns with a large amount of thatch, as this provides them with cover and a steady source of food. They often infest areas that get less water than usual such as slopes, banks, or secluded corners of the lawn.

How do you protect your lawn from sod webworms?

Sod webworms are much more likely to invade lawns that are already unhealthy. As with many pests, the best way to protect your lawn from sod webworms is by keeping it healthy, well watered, and regularly mown. This will prevent the establishment of conducive conditions that might attract the webworms.

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