Flies are typically nothing more than a summertime nuisance.

While one or two flies are not much of a problem, a large population active in your home can become a nightmare.

Flies are different from other pests such as roaches or ants in that they do not intentionally invade homes to establish nesting sites. Instead, they are opportunistic invaders, choosing to enter homes due to the presence of favorable environmental conditions and the availability of food.

House flies breed in areas of filth and squalor. They are commonly found around garbage, feces, and spoiled food. This means that homes with poor sanitation standards are more likely to deal with house flies.

However, this is not to say that house flies only invade dirty homes. House flies can also enter the home by exploiting a vulnerability in the exterior of your home such as unscreened vents, unsealed doors and windows, or cracks or gaps in the walls and roof.

The truth is, there is no single primary reason that house flies enter your home. Combating these pests requires the identification of the environmental conditions that allow them to thrive. For this reason, your best option when dealing with a house fly infestation is to call in a licensed pest control expert to inspect your home.

At Arrow Pest Service, we have decades of experience treating pests here in the Panama City, Florida area! We understand that the most effective pest control approach is one that is custom fit to the specific needs of your home. Because of this, we start every treatment process with a thorough inspection to identify problem areas and conducive conditions that need to be dealt with to ensure quick, effective, and safe treatment!

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