Is European hornet activity around your home a guaranteed sign of an infestation problem?


 The answer might surprise you…

Well known for being the largest wasp in North America, the European hornet can be an unwelcome and sometimes frightening sight around your home.

In spite of their large size, growing to over 1 inch in length, European hornets are only a threat to your home if they are nesting in close proximity. Unlike other wasp species, European hornets forage in the evening and will roam in a large area around their nesting sites.

For this reason, seeing a European hornet or two is not necessarily a sign that you have anything to worry about. In fact, European hornets can be a beneficial guest on your property, because they hunt a variety of other pests such as moths and other wasps.

That said, European hornets can cause problems if their nest is proximate to your home. Like other wasps, European hornets can be aggressive when their nest is threatened and they have an unusually high concentration of venom in their stings. This can represent a threat to even those with mild allergies.

Homeowners should be very cautious when interacting with European hornets and should avoid approaching the nest if at all possible. If you are concerned about European hornet activity on your property, then your best option is to call in a licensed professional to inspect, identify, and treat the problem.

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