If I have pests in my home, should I attempt to treat them with a DIY pesticide product before calling in a professional service?

While this may seem like an economical idea, it does not come without risks. In some cases, unsuccessful attempts to treat pests or improper use of treatment products can actually exacerbate an infestation problem. There is an enormous amount of diversity in pest species, and different treatment methods are more and less effective depending on the type of pest, environmental conditions, and other related factors.

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is the notorious pharaoh ant. Considered to be one of the most difficult to eradicate pests, pharaoh ants can be a major source of frustration for homeowners and businesses alike.  Due to their tendency to establish large colonies inside homes, food service areas, and hospitals pharaoh ants can be very difficult to treat.

Pharaoh ants are extremely small in size, averaging just 1/16-inch in length. This small size allows them to access the home through secluded spaces that provide them with sufficient warmth and moisture. Ideal candidates for this include the following:rough even the smallest cracks and gaps in the structure. Once inside, they tend to seek out:

  • Wall recesses and voids
  • Beneath floorboards and carpeting
  • Underneath appliances
  • Inside crawlspaces and attics

Homeowners who spot pharaoh ants moving throughout the home may be tempted to employ a DIY treatment pesticide to control the population. However, this can sometimes have disastrous results due to a special behavior of pharaoh ants known as budding. When a pharaoh ant colony is somehow disturbed, they will scatter and form several sub-colonies out of the original population. These new colonies are often established in more secluded areas of the home that are difficult to access and treat. Since pharaoh ant nests often contain several queens, these smaller colonies can eventually form into full-size colonies spread throughout the home.

Due to this behavior, pharaoh ant treatment must be undertaken using specialized treatment products that the ants will not detect as easily, and the treatment must be deployed in such a way as to minimize the chance of scattering the ants. Most often, homeowners can save themselves a lot of time, frustration, and expense by calling in a licensed professional to treat for this troublesome pests from the start.

If you are dealing with pharaoh ants in your home, you need to take quick action! By calling in a licensed pest control provider, you can take control of the pest situation in and around your home, ensuring that it stays pest free year round!

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