Yellow jackets are a major concern for many homeowners during the summertime. After all, these pests are known to be aggressive and can be a danger to those that are allergic to their venom.

But while seeing yellow jackets around your home can be a concern, it can often be difficult to determine whether this is evidence of an active, nearby infestation or just a few stray pests. To make matters more complicated, yellow jackets can be easily confused with other wasps or bee species with which they share similarities of behavior and appearance.

Due to this, it is important that homeowners have the info that they need to assess the threat of yellow jacket activity to keep themselves and their home safe.

 Why are yellow jackets active around my home? 

Yellow jackets are a social wasp species, which means that they build nests compromised of egg-laying queens and thousands of scavenging workers. These nests are typically built in subterranean hollows in areas such as tree stumps, rock piles, or other secluded areas. While they do not typically cause structural damage, yellow jackets will sometimes nest in wall voids, attics, or crawlspaces.


Typically, the yellow jacket activity around your home is due to their scavenging activity. The yellow jacket workers seek out a variety of nutrient sources such as fruits, nectar, insects, and human-made products such as meats and sweet foods. This can attract them to outdoor eating areas, especially during the summertime when pool parties, picnics, and BBQ’s are so prevalent.

 Hive of Yellow Jackets on Grill

While the occasional scavenging yellow jacket is no more than a minor nuisance, a nest in close proximity to your home can be a significant threat. Yellow jackets are territorial and will aggressively defend their nests if they are threatened. This creates a risk for people and pets that may unintentionally disturb the nest and put themselves at risk from the stinging workers. Due to this threat,a nest in close proximity to the home should be a dealt with by a professional pest control technician who has the equipment and training to safely neutralize the nest.

 What should I do to keep them at bay?

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