There is perhaps no more unwelcome and horrifying house guests than snakes. While finding a snake in your home is an unlikely (though unpleasant to consider) possibility, the fact remains that your home can sometimes be a very attractive environment for a snake during both the summer and winter seasons. Here in Florida, our warm climate allows for a variety of different snake species to thrive, and the mild winters mean that they can remain active for much longer than in other regions.


But what would bring snakes into your home?

Snakes are coldblooded, and due to this, they have limited internal control over their body temperature. This means that they often lay out in the sun during the hottest part of the day, absorbing the warmth that is necessary to maintain their internal body temperature.

However, the internal temperature is often a delicate balance, and on unusually hot or cold days snakes may seek shelter to escape the elements, and this can lead them into your home. Snakes occasionally make their way into your home through a variety of potential access points such as crawlspaces, unsealed vents or pipes, and exterior cracks or gaps in the structure. They may also hide underneath porches, inside garages, or beneath stacks of firewood.

Once inside the home, a snake may sometimes remain or move further inside due to the comfort produced by the regulated temperature. While it is unlikely that any snakes will make their way into parts of the home frequented by people, there is still a chance of an unexpected encounter if they are disturbed from their hiding place. While most snakes are not aggressive, they will bite if they feel threatened, and for this reason, people and pets should stay clear.

How do I keep snakes away from my home?

Keeping your home free of snakes requires similar preparations to keeping out other wildlife pests. Your home should be periodically inspected to identify any exterior access points that snakes or other pests could exploit, and any debris that could provide a hiding place for a snake should be cleared. Further, it is important to note that, since they are predators of other pests such as squirrels or mice, the presence of such prey on your property or in your home might attract snakes as well.

The truth is, you are unlikely to deal with a snake in your home under any circumstances, but efforts should still be made to keep your home sealed and protected from snakes and other wildlife pests. If you are concerned about potential snake activity around your home or property, you should contact your local pest control specialist to inspect and potentially deal with the problem.

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