As the summer heat continues without reprieve, many here in Florida take trips to the ocean to help stay cool, but while our beaches are certainly beautiful, sunburns and jellyfish are not the only problems you need to worry about. One of the common pest problems faced by beachgoers is the sand flea, which is known for the itchy, red bite marks it leaves behind.


But what exactly are sand fleas?


In spite of what their name might suggest, the creatures known as sand fleas are actually a group of crustacean species.

They are extremely small in size, which is why they are often confused with insects. True sand fleas live around marshes, lakes, and the ocean. They feed almost exclusively on seaweed for sustenance, and as such, they are not considered to be anything more than an occasional nuisance pest.

While they do not infest homes, they can make themselves a nuisance by biting beachgoers. These bites can be itchy and red, and this also helps to explain why they are often incorrectly identified as fleas.

Are they an insect, or some other pest?

 True sand fleas are not a pest that should overly concern you.

Their bites are very similar in appearance to those left by real fleas, mosquitoes, sand flies, and other biting pests. For this reason, you should not discount the possibility that some other pest has infested your home that could be a threat to people or pets. If you are continuing to see signs of pest activity after leaving the beach, you should call in a licensed pest control service to inspect your home and identify the culprit.


What should I do if I see signs of pest activity at home?


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