If I have pests, why should I call in a professional pest control service instead of simply buying pesticide?


One of the biggest misconceptions that I encounter as a pest provider is the idea that pesticides are a “safe, 100% effective solution” to pest problems. This idea is a bit inaccurate. While pesticide products certainly have their uses in pest control, they are neither the ideal first solution nor are they entirely safe.


After all, pesticides ARE toxic chemicals. While they are designed to be toxic to insects, the fact remains that improperly applied pesticides can be a threat to the health of people and pets.


The truth is, pesticides should be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. Further, while they are an important part of many treatment strategies, there are other steps and factors that are essential to the success of a comprehensive pest control plan.


So how should pest control be approached? And what should homeowners be aware of when it comes to their home’s pest protection?


The goal of pest control should not be to simply eradicate existing pests in your home. Instead, it should also focus on finding and mitigating the environmental factors that allowed pests to infiltrate your home in the first place.


After all, pest invasions are rarely random. Both insect and wildlife pests can be driven towards your home because it can provide them with shelter, nesting locations, and resources such as moisture or food.


Pests may be attracted to your trash, or to unsealed food around your home. They may also exploit a variety of common structural weaknesses such as unscreened vents, crawlspace access, or wood-to-ground contact. Anything that can make it easier for pests to access your home will increase your chances of dealing with an infestation.


Another matter to consider is the climate and recent weather. Pests can sometimes be driven out of their nests due to substantial rainfall. This is especially true for ground testing insects and wildlife. If they are forced to find a new nesting area, they may move into your home seeking a safe, dry environment.


Dry weather can also present problems. Many pests, especially wildlife, require a constant water source to survive. Some insects, such as subterranean termites, also must stay in moist soil to survive. These pests can be driven into your home (particularly into basements and crawlspaces) seeking moisture to survive.


The conclusion to be taken away from these examples is the understanding that pest control is a multi-step process.


A lot of factors need to be considered when inspecting and evaluating your home. Since the specific pest vulnerabilities will vary from home to home, your best option is to have your home inspected by a licensed technician. A skilled technician can identify the environmental or structural factors that are allowing pests to thrive in your home, and from there create a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with current and future pest threats.


So next time you are seeing pests around your home, don’t run for the pesticide. By mitigating the conducive conditions that are allowing pests to thrive in your home, you can find a more longterm solution to your pest problems.


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