Chagas disease is on the rise! Recently a report from the American Heart Association was published which highlighted a troubling trend: Chagas disease, a dangerous infection that can damage the heart, has been spreading. While Chagas is relatively unknown here in the US, it is infamous in South and Central America where it is much more prevalent. This is soon to change, however, now that there are more than 300,000 cases of Chagas in the United States.


But how has this spread occurred? The answer may surprise you.


The #1 cause of Chagas disease spread is the so-called “Kissing Bug” or Triatomine. In spite of their rather innocent name, triatomines are in fact dangerous, parasitic bugs. They actually received their nickname due to their tendency to bite victims on the face and neck when feeding on blood. With over 11 different species identified in the Southeastern US, it is becoming increasingly clear that triatomines are increasingly spreading throughout the mainland United States.


While they do feed on the blood of human and animal hosts, it is not actually the way that victims receive Chagas disease. It is actually the exposure to the feces of the triatomine that can lead to Chagas infection. While the Chagas disease is treatable, it can rapidly become worse if left unchecked.


But with all that said, are triatomines a threat that you should be concerned about? Most likely not.


The truth is, triatomines are still fairly rare. While their spread is certainly concerning, you are not likely to encounter triatomines. In most cases, triatomines are only found in substandard housing that lacks proper sealant, so a home kept in good repair is unlikely to deal with an infestation. Further, not all triatomines carry Chagas disease, and for this reason, you are not guaranteed to become infected if you encounter the pests.


While you are unlikely to encounter triatomines, they are not the only pest that can be a threat to your home. If you are seeing signs of pest activity in your home, you should call in a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the problem.


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