German roaches can be a troublesome pest, and since they are common across the United States, homeowners and businesses should prepare for the threat they pose. German roaches are extremely sneaky creatures, and this can allow them to smuggle themselves into your home via luggage, packages, stored food, or unprotected exterior access points. With so many infiltration avenues available to them, it is easy to see how German roaches could get into your home.


However, in spite of this, there exists a widely held misconception that roaches only infest old, unclean structures. Some may falsely believe that their home or business is safe from roaches because it is well kept. The truth is, German roaches can and will infest ANY structure that provides them with sufficient food, moisture, and a hiding place.


If roaches gain access to your home, their reclusive nature will keep them out of your sight. Typically, German roaches are only active at night, and this means that homeowners may miss the signs of their activity. Before you know it, you might be dealing with a widespread infestation that is difficult to tackle.


But how can I keep my home or business safe from German roaches?


It is always better to prevent a pest problem rather than dealing with an existing one later. This is particularly relevant when it comes to German roaches, as they often contaminate areas that they occupy overtime. This can represent a major health risk, especially for a restaurant or other food storage businesses.


Effectively protecting your home or business from German roaches starts with the identification of common problem areas that can attract roaches to your home. The fact is, German roaches need very little to survive, and this means that you’ll have to be very thorough in mitigating conducive conditions that may allow them to thrive. Every situation is unique, and for this reason, there is no universal roach prevention guide, but some of the more common problems that you may want to investigate include:


  • Inspect cleanliness of dumpsters and other trash receptacles, ensuring that they are well sealed and frequently emptied
  • Avoid leaving food and dirty dishes in sinks over a long period of time as the moisture and food scraps may attract roaches
  • Any stored food in pantries and fridges should be sealed to keep them safe from pest invaders
  • Pet food should also be kept safely sealed, and outdoor feeding bowls should be frequently cleaned out
  • Any spills or water damage should be quickly dealt with to avoid creating a high moisture environment which could attract roaches, termites, and other destructive pests


While this is not a comprehensive list, it may help to get you started in your efforts to deal with roach problems. If you want a more detailed analysis of your specific situation, you should consider scheduling an inspection with your pest control provider.


Prevention tips are useful, but what should I do if I’m already dealing with roaches?


If you are concerned about an active German roach infestation in your home, it is critical to identify the source of the infestation. German roaches are known for leaving behind a distinctive odor and small black excrement pellets in areas that they frequent. Identifying these signs will help you to narrow down specific harborage areas and thereby where you need to focus on treatment.


Unfortunately, simple pesticide application is often insufficient in dealing with your long-term roach problem. While you can certainly deal with a present population with treatment products, the fact is that the only longterm fix to German roach activity is the elimination of the conditions that allow them to thrive in your home. For this reason, you should view German roach treatment as a multi-step process involving inspections, treatments, and identification of problem areas.


While German roaches can be a tough pest to tackle, the fact is no pest problem is unsolvable. With the support and expertise of a talented pest control team, you will be able to identify the particular issues that are leading to pest activity in your home. From there, you will be able to resolve these issues and protect your home from pest threats today and into the future.


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