In Florida, we’ve had the bad luck of being affected by Formosan termites since the 1980s. Large colonies and aggressive behavior make this the most destructive species of termite in our area.

Formosan termites are resilient against common liquid termite treatments, so Arrow Pest Service uses the superior Sentricon bait system for termite protection.

Identifying Formosan Termites

As a type of subterranean termite, the Formosan species always lives underground. However, they will forage up to 100 yards away – including the inside of your home. Colonies can grow into the millions.

Formosan termites are yellow or orange and about 0.5″ long. The soldiers you might see eating wood have dark brown heads.

You might notice winged termites swarming in a garage, crawlspace, or near exposed wood. Also, drywall and wood frames might be marked with muddy soil tubes. These are pathways that Formosan termites use to forage and to travel between colony branches. The tubes look a bit like veins.

Arrow Pest Service for Panama City Termites

To eliminate a Formosan termite colony, we use The Sentricon System from Dow. Termite baiting systems turn the tables on the Formosan termite by using their obsessive foraging against them.

No need for drilling concrete. No worrying about the termites coming back. Arrow Pest Service applies Sentricon termite bait in strategic locations so the foragers will poison the entire colony—including the queen.

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