Ant bites can be annoying and painful, but fire ants come with the added nuisance of their venomous stingers. Fire ants are found throughout the Gulf Coast, so our Panama City pest control team can help with identifying ants and other pests.

Fire Ant Color, Shape, & Size

Identifying ant species can be difficult—especially if you don’t want to get too close to them. Even still, fire ants are fairly recognizable by these features:

– Reddish brown head and middle

– Dark brown or black tail end

– Small, pointed stinger at the tail

– 1/16 to 1/4 inch long

– Bent antennae

– Two bumps on the waist

For comparison, carpenter ants are darker while crazy ants and pharaoh ants come in lighter colors. Acrobat ants look similar to fire ants, but live in trees and walls. Fire ants create dozens of rounded dirt mounds with numerous holes for entrances.

Treating and Exterminating Fire Ants in Panama City

Stings from fire ants can be treated with ice packs, hydrocortisone, and a variety of home remedies. Seek medical care if you’re allergic.

Our Panama City pest control service offers ant prevention which includes baiting around the edge of your property to kill them before they build mounds.

If you already have a fire ant infestation, we’ll need to treat every mound and their surrounding areas with an appropriate pesticide. As always, we 100% guarantee our services.