Of all the wildlife in Florida, the carpenter ant is one of the most annoying and most likely to invade your home. At first you might be glad to learn you do not have termites. However, these biting ants definitely need to be dealt with swiftly by your local Panama City area pest control to protect your family and property.

Florida Carpenter Ant Facts

A separate species from the black carpenter ant, the Florida carpenter ant is recognized by its similar large size (about a half-inch in length) and two-tone red and black body.

Florida carpenter ants are less destructive than termites, but they do nest in house frames and other wood. They will also chew and nest in paper and styrofoam.

From spring through fall, the ant colony grows into a larger infestation. Winged carpenter ants are the reproducers.

Florida carpenter ants do bite. They don’t sting, but they can spray acid.

Nests can be hard to spot because they don’t produce a lot of sawdust. However, your Panama City area pest control provider will know where to look!

Getting Rid of Florida Carpenter Ants

If you see flying ants or find ant bites while inside your home, it’s critical to get Panama City area pest control services on the scene. Florida carpenter ants can quickly grow out of control and threaten your home.

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