The carpenter bee has a lot in common with the less problematic bumblebee. They're relatively cute and they rarely sting. The males don’t even have stingers. However, you should bring in Panama City pest control services if you discover carpenter bees.

As the name implies, carpenter bees can damage wood, similar to carpenter ants. Florida homes with wood siding, decking, retaining walls, and other lumber become attractive nesting places for carpenter bees.

Damage Caused by Carpenter Bees

Look for one-inch-wide circular holes on nearby wood structures. Queen carpenter bees create a “gallery” where they nest and brood.

Carpenter bees cause more extensive damage than what you can see. After chewing into the wood, they make a hard 90-degree turn and keep going. If you neglect to get Panama City pest control, eventually your home will fall victim to widespread tunnels of carpenter bee holes.

Carpenter Bees vs. Bumblebees

Both bumblebees and carpenter bees have large, fat bodies. The telltale way to identify carpenter bees is that the back half, the abdomen, will be solid black. Bumblebees have a mostly yellow posterior.

Get Rid of Carpenter Bees in Panama City
Spotted some bees coming out of holes in wood? Our Panama City pest control specialists will spray with safe pesticides and help prevent bees from coming back. Don’t just plug the holes yourself—this can lead to the queens scattering to dig even more.

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