You don’t need to believe in ghosts for your home to be haunted by the ghost ant. This species has become increasingly common throughout Florida. Ghost ants create a nuisance by nesting both indoors and out, and they give off an odor when crushed. A Panama City pest control team can help exterminate them.

What Do Ghost Ants Look Like?

Ghost ants take their name because most of their body is pale white and they're so small that they are hard to see.

Their head and thorax (upper body) are dark brown, while the abdomen and legs are translucent or white. Ghost ants are only about 1/16” long. The white body makes it look like they have wings or are carrying something, but an up-close view will make it easy to tell if you have ghost ants.

Do Ghost Ants Bite or Sting?

Although they don't have stingers, ghost ants will bite if they feel provoked to defend their nest.

The real problem with ghost ants is that they're able to nest just about anywhere — in your kitchen cupboard, inside of walls, or around your patio. Ghost ants are most likely to contaminate sugary pantry foods like cereal.

Getting Rid of Ghost Ants

If you have ghost ants, clean the affected areas, store food in airtight containers, and schedule a visit for Panama City pest control and prevention.

Call 850-874-1900 for ghost ant extermination or any other Panama City pest control services that you may need!