If you’ve seen bugs that look like hairy ants in your yard, what you’re seeing are velvet ants. Despite the name, these ants aren’t actually ants at all. They’re a type of wasp that resembles an ant in a couple of ways. 

Ant-Like Features

How did velvet ants get their misleading name? Females don’t have wings as most other wasps do. They also have setae covering large areas of their body, which causes them to look like hairy ants. Unlike ants, these female wasps have stingers that they can use to protect them from predators. 

Velvet Ant Problems

Do you need Panama City pest control if you have these wasps on your property? Although female velvet ants are able to sting, they’re docile and usually don’t attack people or animals. While they have a nickname of “cow killer,” these wasps don’t deliver stings that are highly painful or toxic. 

Dealing with Velvet Ants

What should you do if you have velvet ants around? These wasps can be a nuisance to have in your yard or even a danger if you’re allergic to insect stings. Pest control professionals can get rid of velvet ants that are on your property in a safe manner. This can help you avoid being stung by one of these wasps while you’re out in your yard. 

If you have a velvet ant problem at your home, contact Arrow Pest Service. Our Panama City pest control services can eliminate these wasps for you.