Finding holes on the exterior of your home, especially higher up, could mean that you have a carpenter bee problem. These large bees are known for drilling holes in wood and tunneling through it to make their nests. Find out more about carpenter bee wood damage.

Common Targets for Carpenter Bees

These bees prefer drilling into wood that is unfinished or unpainted. You might find holes from these bees on or near your soffit or in other wooden areas, such as your porch or deck. Carpenter bees usually stay away from wood surfaces that have a coating or finish on them.

Damage from Carpenter Bees

Should you get professional Panama City pest control if you see carpenter bees? These bees usually aren’t much of a problem for homeowners. They hardly ever sting, and they typically don’t cause as much damage as termites and carpenter ants.

However, you should know that these bees can end up causing some damage to wood when they use the same holes over and over again. These holes can become larger and have stains around them, which can give your home’s exterior an unsightly appearance.

Carpenter Bee Removal

You shouldn’t try to remove carpenter bees on your own. Professional pest control experts know how to do this safely and ensure that these bees are gone.

If you have carpenter bees drilling into your home, contact Arrow Pest Service. Our team can provide you with effective Panama City pest control services for safely removing carpenter bees.