If it bites like a bed bug and itches like a bed bug, what’s the difference? In Florida, we're experiencing the return of a related species called the tropical bed bug – which hasn't been seen for more than 60 years.

After spotting the telltale bite marks or blood spots on bed sheets, get in touch with your local Panama City pest control service even if the insects you’ve found look a bit different than common bed bugs!

Difference Between Tropical Bed Bugs and Common Ones

Although the two types of bed bugs are different species in the scientific sense, they behave similarly and annoy humans just as much.

Common bed bugs have a more oval body, while tropical bed bugs come to more of a point at their tail end.

How to Spot Tropical Bed Bugs

Tropical bed bugs hide in darkness and live on fabrics and textiles. They feed on human blood, leaving several bite marks close together. The bites are painful and itchy, with the potential to cause skin infections.

Besides beds, tropical bed bugs might also hide in linen closets, inside of upholstered chairs, or just about anywhere. Take action and let Panama City pest control professionals eliminate them.

Tropical Bed Bug Treatment in Panama City

Arrow Pest Service knows how to kill bed bugs and keep them from coming back. We use targeted heat treatment that destroys both the insects and their eggs.

Sleep soundly with the help of Panama City pest control by Arrow Pest Services! Call 850-874-1900 to schedule your bed bug extermination.