If you’ve seen wasps around the yard or patio but can't find the nest, look again. You might have mud dauber wasps that build nests out of mud rather than the papery stuff most other wasps use. Call a Panama City pest control company before you get stung.

Mud dauber wasps tend to infest human structures in places like the eaves and soffits of a roof. They are less aggressive than certain other wasps, but more aggressive than bees.

Mud Dauber Wasp Identification

Mud daubers tend to be mostly black with a few thin, yellow stripes. Some are solid black or a metallic blue. The body measures just under an inch.

As the name implies, mud dauber wasps build mud nests, which are roughly rectangular in shape. The organ pipe mud dauber builds a very different nest that’s shaped like several pipes side-by-side.

Are Mud Dauber Wasps Poisonous or Dangerous?

To paralyze and eat spiders, the mud dauber wasp's stinger is equipped with venom. However, they only attack humans when they feel provoked. The sting hurts but is only a medical concern for people with an allergy.

The ugly nests stuck to your home are the biggest reason to get rid of mud dauber wasps in Florida. Children and pets should also be protected—swatting at wasps is a sure way to get stung!

Wondering about mud dauber nests in Bay County, Florida? Call the Panama City pest control experts at 850-874-1900 to schedule wasp extermination and pest prevention that’s guaranteed.