Cockroaches can seem indestructible, and we’re not talking about surviving an atomic bomb. Unlike many insects and pests that reproduce seasonally and then die off, the cockroach lays eggs almost continuously. Panama City pest control pros can put an end to your roach problem by killing the adults and destroying their nests.

Egg, Nymph, Adult: the Cockroach Life Cycle

The German cockroach is most common throughout the world, but we also have to worry about the larger American cockroach in Florida.

Female cockroaches produce egg sacs that are shaped like long coin purses. American cockroaches lay 16 eggs at a time, while the German cockroaches lay up to 40 in one egg sac.

Once the roach emerges from the egg, it gradually grows through each nymph phase for up to a year. A full-grown cockroach can live another year or two.

Find the Cockroach Nests for Complete Extermination

Killing cockroaches on sight only scratches the tip of the iceberg. Our Panama City pest control service can find and destroy cockroach nests hidden behind walls, inside of cabinets, or under crown molding.

Regardless of which type of cockroach you have, the life cycle and extermination methods are about the same. Insecticide sprays get applied to edges, corners, and inside walls and cabinets. We may recommend caulking or sealing openings, as well.

Arrow Pest Service guarantees our Panama City pest control for cockroaches. If the bugs come back, so will we! Call 850-874-1900 to schedule your roach treatment.