Summer is the perfect time for entertaining family and friends, but mosquitoes are warm-weather visitors that no one wants. Our Panama City pest control experts share five helpful tips to keep pesky mosquitoes from spoiling your summer fun.

1. Use Mosquito Repellent

Human skin exudes a number of odors that may be undetectable to you but irresistible to hungry mosquitoes. Use an EPA-registered mosquito repellent to mask these scents, taking care to follow instructions carefully.

2. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes love to hang around ponds, marshes and other sources of stagnant water, which are prime spots for them to lay eggs. Treat any leaks or areas of standing water around your home, especially after a rainfall.

3. Wear Light-Colored Clothes

Perspiration is one of the odors that attracts mosquitoes. Dark-colored clothing absorbs greater amounts of sunlight, causing your body temperature to rise followed by increased production of perspiration to cool you off.

4. Install Screens

If you like to have doors and windows open during summer, make sure they’re protected by screens. Inspect them periodically and repair any rips or holes immediately.

5. Get Mosquito Suppression Treatment for the Yard

Enjoy peace of mind with a unique misting system that repels invading mosquitoes. Our system uses botanical insecticides made with natural ingredients that are less toxic and break down more quickly in the environment.

Don’t spend your precious outdoor time swatting away mosquitoes. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable Panama City pest control professionals.