Wondering which type of lawn grass is best in Northwest Florida? The right choice for your home depends on more than just looks. Factors such as saltwater, soil pH levels, and how you use the lawn will affect how well your grass thrives. Panama City pest control and lawn services help maintain a green and pleasant yard all year.

If you want to save a lawn with brown spots or are considering new sod, take a moment to investigate all the grass types for the Panama City area.

Popular Grass Types for Panama City

Let’s look at the four most common grasses in northern Florida and what makes them different from each other:

St. Augustine grass: Lush and colorful St. Augustine holds up well against coastal salts.

Centipedegrass: Ideal for lawns with acidic pH, shady areas, and reducing irrigation needs.

Bermudagrass: Golf courses use Bermudagrass because it holds up to wear, so families with kids and pets often prefer this variety!

Bahiagrass: If low maintenance is your top priority, you’ll enjoy having bahiagrass. You’ll only need to call Panama City pest control if you see an infestation.

Dealing with Florida Mole Crickets

Treating mole crickets works best in summer. By then, all eggs will have hatched and the adults can be wiped out. Get a mosquito fog treatment at the same time, and you’ll be ready for a backyard barbecue on a vibrant lawn.

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