A lush green lawn is the perfect setting for summer backyard fun. Get ready for the season with these helpful lawn care tips from our Panama City pest control and lawn service experts.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

• Start by testing pH levels in the soil. Based on the results, add lime if the soil is overly acidic or sulfur to reduce alkaline values.

Aerate the lawn to let oxygen, water and nutrients penetrate more thoroughly. Hire a professional or rent an aerator and DIY.

• In Panama City, seeding can be done through July to allow a full growing season before weather cools off. Consult a specialist at a garden store for help choosing the right seed.

• It’s difficult for weeds to gain a foothold in a healthy lawn, but herbicides can help control weeds if they begin to crop up. Be sure to use a brand of pesticide that won’t affect new growth from seeding.

• A good rule of thumb is one inch of water per week, whether from rainfall or irrigation. For best results, let the lawn dry out completely between waterings.

• Reduce labor and cost by leaving grass clippings on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

• Mow the lawn when it reaches approximately three inches in height. Cutting it back to two inches preserves a healthy balance.

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