Any Panama City ant exterminator knows that dealing with these pests are part of the job. They’re quite common, and there are different types that like to invade our area every year. Among them is the tawny crazy ant, and if you think you might have seen them in your home, it’s worth learning more about them.

What are Tawny Crazy Ants?

The tawny crazy ant gets its name because of its quick, sudden movements. They can appear reddish-brown or golden brown, and they range from 2mm to 4mm in length. They are very common in Florida this time of year.

Tawny Crazy Ant Facts

One of the most important things you need to know about tawny crazy ants is the fact that they can multiply very quickly. Population explosions seem to occur overnight, and this species can quickly displace other ant species on your property.

These pests are often found in gardens, buildings, houses and on sidewalks. When infestations are left unmanaged, the ants can begin to destroy phone lines, computers and even air conditioning units.

Turning to a Panama City Ant Exterminator for Assistance

A lot of homeowners don’t think it’s worth contacting a Panama City ant exterminator for help. They think of ant infestations as minor problems that can be handled with store-bought products. There are many products on the market that aim to help, but unfortunately they often only make the issue worse.

We’re here to help you get your ant problem under control. Contact us.