Getting bitten by a mosquito used to mean dealing with an itchy area for a few days until it subsided. Today, these pests are carrying all kinds of diseases, and there are other insects in Florida that carry them too. It’s best to talk to a Panama City pest control expert if you have a mosquito problem. But in the meantime, let’s talk about what you need to know.

Common Diseases Carried by Mosquitos and Other Insects

There are several diseases that can be transmitted by a bite from a mosquito or  some other bloodsucking insects. They include:

• West Nile virus

• St. Louis encephalitis

• Eastern equine encephalitis

• Chikungunya fever

• Yellow fever

• Rift Valley fever

Preventing Mosquitoes and Other Pests

There are several steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from making their home on your property. Every homeowner should take the following steps:

• Get rid of all standing water in your yard. That way, mosquitoes no longer have a place to lay their eggs.

• Have everyone use mosquito repellant.

• Make sure people wear long sleeves and pants outside.

• Check your home to make sure there are no entry areas for them to get inside.

Should You Consider Panama City Pest Control?

When it comes to protecting your family, it’s always best to rely on your Panama City pest control specialists. We know how dangerous mosquitoes can be, and we use the best techniques to get rid of them.

Contact us today for help with mosquitoes and other flying insects.

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