Ants are known for being unwanted guests at picnics, but they're even more annoying when they turn up in your home. Our Panama City pest control professionals offer some helpful information about dark rover ants, a species commonly found in Florida and other Gulf states.

Physical Characteristics

Dark rover ants are brown in color and particularly tiny in size. At 3 mm, the queens are the largest, while males come in at 1 mm and workers at 1 to 2 mm.

Specific physical features include:

• Antennae divided into nine segments

• Long hairs on the mesosoma, which is the middle part of the body

• Large eyes

• Lack of appressed, or flat, hairs on the abdomen often found on other ant species


Dark rover ants are scavengers with a highly developed sweet tooth. They dine primarily on plant nectar and honeydew, which is a sugar-rich liquid secreted by certain species.

Colonies are relatively small due to high levels of inter-colony aggression. In Florida and other southeastern states, mating occurs between May and August.

While dark rover ants don't cause damage, they're considered nuisance insects because they establish nests inside structures and forage on floors, countertops and walls. Dark rover ants don't generally present a health risk except in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

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