Have you spotted tiny ants in your kitchen? Panama City pest control often finds thief ants in the region. They can be a sign of a larger problem. Their name comes from the fact that they steal food from other ant species—so you might have more than one ant colony infesting your Florida home.

Thief ants are also known as grease ants but they actually prefer protein and will go after sugary foods, too. They are usually about 1/16” long and dark reddish-brown.

Thief Ant Habits and Life Cycle

Thief ants nest near other ants to steal their food. Being so tiny allows them to nest and crawl in tighter spaces than other ants can reach. This makes it hard to find the nest; it might be under your floors or foundation or outside under a rock or object.

Mating season for thief ants takes place in summer and fall. You might see winged thief ants buzzing around or huddling together.

Getting Rid of Thief Ants

Grease traps rarely accomplish much and instead simply feed the colony. Spraying them can be near impossible because the nest is remote or hidden.

Protein ant baits work much better on thief ants. Clean up any available food sources, and have a Panama City pest control team take care of extermination.

Arrow Pest Service can help get rid of thief ants while also taking care of other ant colonies nearby. We offer home and commercial pest control in Bay County, FL.

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