Just one in five people infected with Zika show symptoms. That sounds like good news, but it can also lead to a false sense of security. When Zika is reported locally, be proactive and get Panama City mosquito control services on the scene even if your neighbors have not shown illness.

Birth defects are the most serious health risk

Microcephaly is when a newborn’s head is smaller than it should be. This is one of several birth defects that can occur when an expectant mother carries Zika. Risks run so high that people who might become pregnant should not even travel to affected areas.

Note that the Zika virus can be transmitted between sexual partners, so you need to be aware of this risk as well.

Fever, rashes, and pain can occur

Besides the fear of fetal exposure, anyone might develop viral illnesses from a mosquito bite. Zika symptoms typically include soreness, headaches, skin rashes, and fever.

Be careful when traveling

Mosquitoes have spread the Zika virus throughout the world. Panama City mosquito control services have mostly been needed for outbreaks that spread from the Caribbean. If you travel internationally, check the CDC site for current Zika outbreaks and assess your risks.

There are other mosquito-borne diseases to worry about

Controlling mosquitoes is a constant fight. Even when the Zika virus is under control, Floridians need to worry about dengue, chikungunya, West Nile fever, and more. Our climate and geography make the area prone to mosquito diseases.

Panama City mosquito control services include spot treatments for events, monthly barrier treatments, and ongoing mosquito misting.

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