As your Panama City Florida pest control experts, we're always very clear about bees as a critical part of our environment. Without them, we would suffer great loss, and that's putting it lightly. Unfortunately, Florida bee populations are declining. 

The Challenges Facing Florida Bees

There are a lot of reasons why Florida bees are in trouble. In addition to colony collapse disorder and the problems with varroa, Hurricane Irma wiped out many of them. Fortunately, there are beekeepers all over the country that can assist, but they're facing challenges of their own. 

Instability and Unsustainability

Beekeeper, Jim Doan, regularly takes his bees to Florida for the winter. He uses that time to build his hives and make them stronger. But that's proving to be an exercise in futility because the bee population is steadily going down. So, many beekeepers are having to rent bees to fulfill their pollination obligations. 

According to Doan, a 5%-6% decline in bee population is expected from time to time. But they're seeing a 30% decline per year. 

How Panama City Florida Pest Control Can Help 

As your Panama City Florida pest control specialists, we get a lot of calls about bees. We know they can be a nuisance, but the fact remains that they are absolutely necessary. Just like carpenter bees and other stinging insects, they need to be dealt with the right way. 

If you have a bee problem at your home, please contact us today!