Here in Panama City Florida, pest control specialists are still waging war with stinging insects, and yellow jackets are plentiful in our area. If you’re a homeowner and you’ve come across these pests – or their nests – on your property, then this is important information that you need to know. Let’s dive right in and learn what we need to know about yellow jackets.

About Florida Yellow Jackets

It may be hard to believe, but there are actually 18 species of yellow jackets. Fortunately, only two of them are usually found in Florida. They are the eastern yellow jacket and the southern yellow jacket. These pests are very social, and most of them live in subterranean nests. There can be thousands of them in a single nest.

The queen starts the nest in the springtime, which means that by the fall, it is fully established. The majority of the colony is made up of workers who are responsible for a number of tasks, such as:

• Foraging for food.

• Defending the nest from intruders

• Building the nest.

Do You Need Panama City Florida Pest Control?

Yellow jackets are known for their affinity for sweet treats and sugary drinks. That’s why they often show up at picnics. They’re known to sting if they feel threatened, and when one is killed, they can release a pheromone that alerts others in the nest.

Removing yellow jackets can be dangerous; especially since they can sting a person repeatedly. But we’re here to help. Please contact us!