German cockroaches are one of the more frequent targets of our Panama City Florida pest control services. Here are some facts that you should know about this most unwelcome house guest.

German Cockroaches: Bad Boys of the Insect World

While sometimes confused with its Asian relative, the German cockroach is the one pest most commonly identified with infestations. German cockroaches are found throughout Florida and the rest of the world, almost always in proximity to humans.

Fully grown German cockroaches run from one-third to one-half inch in length. Their brown bodies are marked with two darker parallel stripes running along the foremost section immediately behind the head.

Threats from German Cockroach Infestations

Cold temperatures are the biggest threat to survival for German cockroaches, which is why they seek the more comfortable conditions of homes and other buildings. The species breeds continuously, leading to exponential population growth. If you spot one German cockroach, chances are there are many more lurking out of sight.

German cockroaches are omnivores, feeding on whatever organic sources are available. They prefer actual food such as sweets, meat and starches, but if necessary German cockroaches will dine on sewage, rotting wood and other decaying materials. Household food products can become tainted with their feces and various defensive secretions

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