Everyone Loves The Soft Pitter Patter of Feet… Unless They're Rats - What Florida Homeowners Should Know

Everyone Loves The Soft Pitter Patter of Feet… Unless They’re Rats – What Florida Homeowners Should Know

A lot of people who live in Florida don’t think they need to be concerned about rats. After all, those are pests that are a problem in places like New York City, right? Unfortunately, that’s not true at all, and if you’re not already concerned about Florida rats, this is the best time to learn why you should be.

The Damage Caused by Florida Rats

Rats can cause a lot of structural damage to your home. They can easily chew through wood, wires and drywall. They tend to stay away from humans, so your basement, attic and other non-inhabited areas of your home could be at risk. But their chewing habits aren’t the only things rats are known for. They also pose a health risk to you and your family. Rats carry diseases; even the bubonic plague.

Types of Rats Common to Florida

There are three types of rats that are likely to be seen in Florida. They are:

• The Roof Rat – These rats are often called black rats, but they also go by several other names. They make their nests up high and are likely to be found in attics or on rooftops.

• The Wood Rat – These rats prefer to eat wood, just like their name suggests. But they will eat other types of vegetation as well.

• The Norway Rat – These rats usually live outside, but they will find shelter in your home if need be. They are black or gray in color with bits of red or brown in their fur.

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