Since fire ants made their way from Argentina in the 1930s, their population in Florida and other southeastern states has reached 10 times that of numbers in their native country. However, scientists have made breakthroughs in natural Panama City FL ant control options to reduce the threat from these pests.

Fighting Fire Ants with Biological Methods

Population levels of fire ants in Argentina remain low in part because of Solenopsis invicta virus-5 (SINV-5), a pathogen that’s harmless to other organisms. While SINV-5 is found naturally in South America, it didn’t make the transition during the fire ant migration to the United States.

A team of scientists headed by entomologist Steven Valles found SINV-5 while studying 180 native Argentinian colonies of fire ants. SINV-5 and other related viruses reduce fertility and body weight in affected queens, impairing their ability to establish colonies.

Phorid Flies: A Natural Parasitic Enemy

For more than 20 years, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has been part of a group exploring the use of parasitic phorid flies for Panama City FL ant control. When a fly lays an egg inside a host ant, the resulting larva destroys the ant when it reaches full development.

Eco-Friendly Panama City FL Ant Control from Arrow Pest Service

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